You’d Best Start Believing in Apocalypses. You’re in One.

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We are all in the middle of something horrible beyond anything that has ever happened before on earth.

Watch this advertisement for a Microsoft program that prints school passes to prove children don’t have the virus. Seriously, take two minutes and watch this while making certain to remember that you’re not the one who’s gone insane.

For those who didn’t watch it: it’s some kind of PSA from the Los Angeles Unified School District, which is also an ad for Microsoft, selling printable QR codes that mean you won’t get the coronavirus at school.

I don’t really even understand what they’re selling. I understand that it is a “software solution” that provides daily passes to children that prevent them from infecting their parents with the coronavirus. But I cannot imagine any way in which this would work that would not require everyone to be tested daily, and if everyone were to be tested daily, I don’t understand what the point of the pass is.

No one writing about it is explaining what it is.

Real Clear Politics posted the video with this description:

The Los Angeles Independent Unified School district announced they will be working with Microsoft to develop a “Daily Pass” for students to return to school.

Nothing else. One sentence.

It’s the same thing with these nose tests, where it is impossible to grasp the purpose it serves, other than to dehumanize people.

Unsolvable Math Equation

What they have done is presented an unsolvable equation:

There is a deadly invisible virus everywhere and everyone is a potential carrier and all human contact of any kind spreads it and we have to have zero infection cases. The vaccine reduces infection cases, but we have to get to absolute zero. This is unachievable because people are incapable of following these rules, and if they did actually follow these rules, there would be no food, because supply chains still require human contact of some kind.

So, instead of solving an unsolvable equation, they come up with bizarre nonsense:

  • Locked in your house
  • Masks
  • Double masks
  • Six feet apart
  • Endless vaccines
  • Shoving a stick halfway into your face
  • Microsoft daily QR codes

It’s similar to how scientists invented the black hole, and then allegedly serious academics started coming out with stuff like this:

(Note: they have declared that black holes exist definitively, the question they are still working out is whether or not charged black holes exist. But if they do, they may have a tiny universe made of fractals inside them.)

There is no evidence for this. They publish computer generated images as if they’re pictures from telescopes. The only people that know the details of how there is maybe a charged black hole with a tiny universe inside of it have gone through nearly a decade of cult indoctrination.

The overwhelming majority of people just accept this because one of only 17 eloquent black men who has ever lived said it.

However, not only is the coronavirus equation and its consequences something that directly affects everyone’s life (unlike a black hole tiny universe), the coronavirus solutions are actually worse, because black holes work with the crazy fake equation they came up with: it’s a correct solution to a question with no answer. Coronavirus solutions are demonstrably disproved by their own studies, that they openly publish.

This coronavirus stuff is much more akin to literal voodoo than it is to some gibberish from that gross cripple.

Turns out the cripple had some strange associations, by the way.

Surprise, goyim, surprise!

A silly surprise for the silly goyim!

Note: no, that is not fake news. Stephen Hawking, the great genius of our age, was shown in court records to have direct and apparently intimate connections to an Israeli spy who was running a blackmail network with underage prostitutes. And there are pictures of him on the private island.

You know – the one with the pagan ritual temple built on its highest point.

Here’s a line from the article:

Aside from Hawking, the other individuals listed in the request are Ghislaine Maxwell, Alan Dershowitz, Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Ron Eppinger, Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

They forgot to mention someone else.

Yes, the big boss himself was also an associate of this particular Israeli spy with a private island filled with underage hookers and a ritual pagan temple.

It’s probably all just some big misunderstanding of some sort.

I’m sure the big boss, who is our mommy with a penis, would never have sex on video with underage girls at the behest of the Israeli intelligence services, let alone take part in some kind of satanic ritual in a pagan temple, which was probably just built as a gag anyway.

Things like that really just distract us from what no one is talking about: Angelo. Quinto.

The media is constantly distracting us with things like “every powerful person in the world (who is not an evil, slant-eyed Chinaman or a conniving Ivan) is linked to an Israeli spy who was murdered in prison” so they don’t have to explain why cops are committing a genocide.

Just… Know Where Your Towel is and Trust Jesus

We are right in the middle of an absolute nightmare scenario. Right now. Open the news and look at it. This is the apocalypse, the end times and everything else.

My grandmother lived until the age of twelve without electricity in her home. Her grandmother never saw a train, let alone a machine that ran on a steam engine bulb.

We are living in the end result of unregulated, exponential technological development guided by people who literally are in a Satan worshiping cult that has sex with and ritually murders children. 

I don’t think any one of us is really capable of understanding how badly it has already damaged us, and the continued damage it is doing to us every day. The fact that people are still holding it together is, fantastically, a testament to both the human spirit and the power of drugs, digital entertainment and pornography.

If you had described everything that is happening now in 2012 or so, people would say, “well, wouldn’t everyone just start breaking down, going insane, doing all sorts of things?”

The long-time reader will recall that nearly a year ago, when I figured out the coronavirus was a hoax, I said: “this is going to drive people insane – people are just going to start snapping left and right, you’re going to see public breakdowns everywhere you go, as crime skyrockets.”

Thus far, that is one thing that I said that has not happened. Well, crime actually did skyrocket obviously, but as far as we are generally able to tell without getting our own set of statistics, the increase in crime is due to the Black Lives Matter movement, which included releasing criminals from prison and refusing to enforce laws against crimes that are committed by black people.

What we know is that we are not seeing the kind of common psychological breaks that anyone would have predicted if they’d had this current situation described to them.

I have never claimed to be a prophet, and I don’t claim that every future happening I speculate about on this site is some kind of definitive statement about the future. Sometimes I phrase things in such a way out of artistic preference that the words could be construed as making definitive claims, but I always remind people that I am not a prophet. I have occasionally been wrong and will continue to occasionally be wrong. Rarely.

What I think is this: they are running computer models – “social simulations,” they’re called – where one of the biggest factors is monitoring the point of mass psychic break. Obviously, they want to keep you in a heightened state of fear, paranoia, confusion, distrust and self-doubt. What they are doing is managing to keep you in the sweet spot of the orange zone.

They are keeping their own statistics of the number of people who have mental breaks, I can tell you that. If people start popping off more often, doing mass killings, doing kidnappings, doing car chases, manufacturing illicit weapons, and so on, they will dial it back a little bit, give you some form of relief (probably in the form of hope).

They also rely heavily on the fact that everyone enters their emotional state into their phones, via the social media programs. Most people will literally write stuff like “today I was feeling really stressed,” but even people who don’t write it out like that can have their mood judged by their behavior with their phones.

These tech companies, in cooperation with the intelligence services, have computer algorithms that can use the phone device not only to gauge but to actually regulate the mood of individuals. They’ve studied the way they can change people’s emotional state using Facebook, and at one point they were actually caught doing it on random people.

They write in their white papers about how they have used the cellphone to do all sorts of things in controlled environments. They are at the point where they can say “make single white women feel 9% more anxiety today,” and the computers will do it.

We remember them bragging about doing the Arab Spring using the phones. There is literally a dedicated Wikipedia page to “social media and the Arab Spring.” The phones are the prime driver behind nonsense events like the Hong Kong freedom riots, feminism in Puerto Rico or the alleged election of Joe Biden as president of the United States.

They also fuel right-wing idiocy just the same, like storming the Capitol and spreading demonstrably false news stories. Their goal there is to just keep these people running around in circles. “Trump 2024” is the ascendant actualization of retarded behavior by right-wingers fueled by social media. They could have literally told people to go run around in circles in a cornfield. They know there is a certain group of people who are going to be right-wing no matter what, and their goal is to make sure they are kept very active in activities that will never amount to anything (Trump 2024), or will harm their own agenda (Capitol Storm).

Trump doesn’t really seem to have a very solid grasp on what the hell is going on in general. Even after four years in the White House with all these people at his throat, he’s still just a boomer. But it’s very likely that Jared Kushner had a meeting with Donald Trump and said: “well, basically, it looks like, if you’re running in 2024, they’re not going to raise the charges to the level of prison, because… that would give the wrong impression.”

Where is the Breaking Point?

Along with being evil, a lot of these people in power are stupid, especially in America, and several elements of this entire situation could begin to spin completely out of control. Although it isn’t a big deal in itself, the black tranny from the Netherlands canceling the gender dysphoric Dutch translator of a black poet’s book is emblematic of the kinds of problems they’re going to begin having. I would call this a “system autoimmune response.”

Obviously, the dream of “Antifa rebelling against Biden like they did against Trump” is just a fantasy. Antifa is run by the FBI (frankly it’s probably run by the CIA pretending to be the FBI, but you know – whatever). That can be switched off. What can’t be switched off is replacing all of these power positions with brown people and women.

Firstly, there are not really a lot of effective ways to run that through a simulation. The best and most obvious example of what can happen when you have too small of a minority of Europeans (many of whom were Jews – the numbers aren’t clear) running a majority black nation is the Haitian revolution.

However, that was pretty much all down to one uniquely intelligent, charismatic and romantic black man in the figure of Toussaint Louverture. Theoretically, as long as they are able to control all uniquely intelligent black men (and there aren’t very many of them, obviously), race riots can remain controlled events, even with half of the government replaced with blacks.

Secondly, just like there is a balance of keeping people from going full-psycho while keeping them on edge, there is a balance between putting colored people in positions of power and keeping the society functional.

The solution to the whole problem, as I’ve written, appears to be to turn over leadership of the world to European technocrats and Silicon Valley. But that is itself really complicated, obviously. They have a plan for it, and they’ve got computer simulations for it, but it’s delicate.

It is all very delicate.

I’ve touched on just a couple of the issues they are dealing with, apparently on a very short time frame.

Thus far, with Bill Gates emerging as the primary figure in running Western civilization, things are going very well for them, by all appearances.

But they’re juggling a lot, in no specific order:

  • Keeping mental health meters at sustainable levels through the coronavirus and the planned deindustrialization and forced austerity of the West
  • Preventing an autoimmune response in the system
  • White populism and general political dissidence
  • Incompetent, old leaders (mostly in America, but also Europe)
  • Black and brown incompetence and potential for out-of-control race violence
  • The willingness of the intelligence services and bureaucracies of the US, Britain and Israel (Bibi Netanyahu Likud loyalists might not run the entire Mossad, I don’t know) to turn over their control of the planet to Silicon Valley, the UN and the EU
  • Creating a “post-democracy” run by technocrats and enforced by the media and a junta
  • Emerging technologies (robotics, AI, genetic engineering)
  • Green energy
  • China’s peaceful global domination plan

All of these things are very complicated and they are interacting with each other in ways that the computer models would have a hard time hitting accuracy rates on. By the way, that last sentence is not based on any specific point of fact, other than technocrats talking about “challenging emerging trends in contradictory socio-political phenomenon within the context of the 2030 global initiative,” and various papers that are now 5 and 10 years old about interlocking multiple large scale social simulations. Again – not prophecy here, folks.

I personally feel very strongly that the system will eventually collapse. Their computer models didn’t predict Donald Trump winning the election, which is about as massive of a failure as you could possibly imagine. They did fix it quickly and efficiently, but wow.

In the End: God is in Control

I’ve said it before, and I will keep saying it: I am fortunate enough to know as an absolute matter of fact that God exists. A lot of intelligent people do not have that luxury. And that understanding is what keeps me alive and keeps me sane in the face of all of that.

I have at times struggled with certain faith elements of Christianity, but I’ve worked most of those out, with God’s help. (Remember that knowing the existence of God does not equal knowing that the Bible is true.) My own journey has been amazing, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Every single second of it, I thank God for.

What I will tell you as an absolute matter of fact is that God is in total control. The Western world has been very, very sinful, and what we are witnessing is the punishment that we deserve.

Collectively, we are getting what we deserve.

Life is suffering. By God’s allowance, the devil rules this world. But we will eat, and we will drink, and we will be merry. We will ask forgiveness for our sins, and ask not to be punished with the others.

There is a way you can fight this system.

Here are a few very small examples:

  • Don’t watch porn
  • Don’t drink too much
  • Take care of your body (eat right, exercise)
  • Keep yourself clean, shaven (or properly trimmed, if bearded) and practice general proper hygiene
  • Maintain humor about the situation
  • Call your mother and tell her you love her, and you forgive her – regardless of the things she’s done to you
  • Take any work you can get, and do it with pride
  • Don’t lie to people
  • Be there for your friends (be a friend that your friends would trust with their life)
  • Ask forgiveness from people you’ve wronged
  • Don’t have sex with women you’re not planning on having children with (I know the marriage thing is complicated, so I think we just need to go by “and he laid with her and she became his wife,” which specifically implies a permanent commitment and intent to have children, instead of trying to deal with the institution of marriage – you can read my very fantastic Valentine’s Day article)
  • Do not wallow in guilt, and use guilt for what it is designed for: to make you strive to be better
  • Keep your promises
  • Don’t act like you’re better than other people (even if it is obvious that you are)
  • Don’t be angry (whatever you do, you have to defeat that anger)
  • Thank God for everything you have that brings you happiness, and be contented with it

I’ve said it, but I haven’t pushed it enough: we need to start wearing the “What Would Jesus Do?” bracelets.

MAGA is sadly over. It’s time for WWJD.

I’ve been all the way through all of this reality we find ourselves in, and I am telling you, with all of my heart and swearing before God and by the graves of every one of my ancestors going back to Adam himself: faith in Jesus Christ, and following His teachings, is the only way that any of us are going to make it out of this.

God has promised that He will save those of us who remain true to Him through this time of hardship.

Here are just a few examples:

There is no stuttering there: God promises to protect you if you follow Him.

God doesn’t break promises.

No matter how bad things get, He will be there for you.

I am testament to that.

You may have noticed – a lot of very powerful people do not like me at all.

Every day, I have an awareness that for the things that I have said – for saying the truth – I could be swept up or put down. I could end up like Julian Assange or worse. It would be nothing for me to “slip in the shower” and break my neck, to get shot in a “robbery gone wrong,” to “commit suicide” with two bullets in the back of the head. There is one single reason that doesn’t happen: God has sent an Angel to watch over me, and it is nothing for him to keep such dangers far from me, for he acts as God’s hand.

I know, as sure as I’m sitting here typing, that God wants me to tell the truth when no one else will. And I do that, only by God’s grace.

The more you do the right thing, the more God will strengthen your resolve. The more times you resist the urge for pornography, or embrace masculine calm over anger, neuroticism or anxiety, the closer you will be to God, and the clearer this path will become.

God understands sin and temptation, because he created it to strengthen your immortal soul, which one way or another, is going to live on past this mortal coil. But he has promised that he will never give you more than you can handle.

I say “pornography” a lot, both because it is statistically a fact that every single one of you has struggled with it, and it is also simply crippling, spiritually. I don’t know that people really understand how bad it is for them. It is filling you with the dead emptiness of the most base fleshly pursuits. It also has devastating effects on your testosterone levels, which is a scientific explanation of why it crushes your soul. (Testosterone is the masculine energy that makes a man capable of understanding spiritual matters, and that is why women are so godless and vapid. Masturbation makes you more like a woman, and feeds the anger, which is the second of the “big two” sins I see in modern Western men.)

You are never going to be close to God with a pornography habit. Don’t beat yourself up if you try and fail, but don’t give yourself too much leeway with it either. God has promised that He gave you the ability to resist it, even if you don’t feel like you have that ability.

(It may be helpful to realize that not only that God is watching you masturbate, but there is an Angel who is also standing there witnessing this vile act.)

Clichés exist for a reason. It is sad that clichés exist, and it is the result of bad people misusing bits of truth for their own purposes. But there is a phrase which you cannot view as a cliché, no matter how many evangelical charlatans have said it:

God has a plan for you.

It is your choice whether or not you follow that plan.

At this point, we’ve all kind of hit the end of the road in terms of alternative exit strategies. Trump 2024 is almost a form of idolatry at this point, because it is so obviously putting faith in something that is ridiculous.

By all accounts, the devil has us surrounded.

This is the Valley of the Shadow of Death. You’re walking through it. You don’t have any choice in that. The choice you have is whether you serve God, and therefore allow Him to protect you.