You Want to Have Sex? Then Get Vaxxed with This Deadly Gene Therapy Experiment

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The latest “carrot” in the vaxx bag of deadly tricks is enabling whores on the internet to refuse to offer validation to men who do not get injected with this deadly vaccine.

Imagine that the White House is involved in this!

The Guardian:

Dating Apps are attempting to make getting vaccinations “sexy” in a new partnership with the White House.

Tinder, Hinge and OkCupid are amongst the dating apps that are part of the initiative, which will allow users to see if their potential dates are either fully vaccinated, not yet vaccinated or ‘prefer not to disclose’.

In exchange the apps are giving users premium features. Hinge will offer a free ‘Rose’ to users who set their vaccination status, Tinder will give you a free ‘Super Like’. Both of these ‘premium features’ will tell a potential date that they’re interested, so increasing the chances of matching. According to research from Tinder, you are more likely to get a date if you have been vaccinated: more than half of their Gen Z users says they’re only interested in going on a date with a person who is vaccinated. However, a different study found that Americans under 35 are least likely to say they will get vaccinated.

“Social distancing and dating were always a bit of a challenging combination,” White House coronavirus adviser Andy Slavitt told reporters on Friday, according to Reuters. “We have finally found the one thing that makes us all more attractive: a vaccination.”

“I’m a slave that surrendered my bodily autonomy to the government – please, just give me one drop of gooey juice from your stinky, diseased crotch hole!” -American Men

The UK is also onto something similar.

Dating app profile picture before vaccine:

After vaccine:

You shouldn’t be involved with these filthy whores anyway.

Most of them won’t even have sex with you, and if they do have sex with you they’re only coming to steal your precious vital essence.

Then, they will probably just accuse you of rape.

If you’re horny, wait for the collapse.

When the collapse happens – the real rape will begin, and there will be no one to call to complain about it, no media to preach victimhood.

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