You Thought Beach Boy was Bad? Wait ‘Til You Meet Baroness Von Kid-Kicker!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2015

The SPLC has used a computer program to ascertain that the Hungarian Kid-Kicker was inspired to kick kids by reading the Daily Stormer.
Baroness Von Kid-Kicker: She’s Hungarian like the wolf!

The long-awaited sequel to last week’s “Beach Boy” atrocity spectacle has just been released by the Jew media: allow me to introduce you, stupid goyim, to “Baroness Von Kid-Kicker.”

In last week’s atrocity, a boy tragically drown in a surfing accident because the greedy, capitalist Canadian government refused to fly his father in and give him new teeth and free everything forever.

That feel you felt when you realized Beach Boy was White people's fault? Get ready to double-feel it.
That feel you felt when you realized Beach Boy was White people’s fault? Get ready to double-feel it.

This new atrocity – that of the Baroness Von Kid-Kicker, also known as Petra Laszlo – takes things to a whole other level: the level of kids and other innocent victims getting kicked in a field by a Hungarian Nazi while they’re evading Terran marines and trying to Zerg Rush Hungary.

The innocents were running across the border, fleeing Serbia where there is a brutal civil war. Or wait. Not Serbia. They were fleeing Syria, which also maybe has a border with Hungary, I guess. Actually maybe Serbia and Syria are the same country somehow, according to some analysts.

The point is: White people are evil.

NY Daily News:

Petra Laszlo was filming the scene in Roszke, near the Serbian border, when video taken by other videographers captured her kicking children as they broke away from police. One clip clearly showed her stick out her leg and trip a man, carrying a small bag of belongings and a young child in his arm, sending the duo tumbling to the ground in angry tears.

Tears, goyim.

They were crying tears as a woman tripped them as they were simply trying to flee the civil war in Serbia by breaking through a police line.

We evil Whites, goyim, are drowning beach boys. We are kicking people in fields. This has to stop, goyim. We have to find a solution, and the only thing I could possibly mean when I say “we have to find a solution” is that we need total and permanent open borders for all European countries.

Or shall we simply allow innocent people to get kicked in a field forever?

Laszlo was working for N1TV, an Internet-based TV news station associated with the country’s far-right Jobbik party, when she stuck her foot in it, Agence-France Presse reported.

“An N1TV colleague today behaved in an unacceptable way at the Roszke collection point,” N1TV’s editor-in-chief Szabolcs Kisberk said in a statement on the channel’s Facebook page Tuesday. “The camerawoman’s employment contract has been terminated with immediate effect as of today, we consider the matter closed.”

All that these kicked innocents wanted to do was have buses provided for them to drop them off in the country’s capital and be given free food and shelter as they await rescue by Angela “The Angel” Merkel.

“We’ve been here for two days, and the Hungarian government only brings one bus?” a Syrian man, who only gave his first name of Ali, told the Associated Press. “We’re asking to go back to Serbia and they are not giving us this right. We’re asking to go to Budapest and they are not giving us this right. Why? Why?”

They are even offering to return to the brutal civil war in Serbia. They just want out of this field, where they’re being brutally kicked by a woman.

Who is Truly Responsible?

The SPLC has used futuristic technologies to analyze the method of kicking Laszlo used, and found that it bares a precise resemblance to a form of kicking promoted on the Neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer.

The Petra Laszlo kick
From the Neo-Nazi White Supremacist website The Daily Stormer's "Guide for how to kick niggers and kikes."
From the Neo-Nazi White Supremacist website The Daily Stormer’s “Guide for how to kick niggers and kikes.”

Heidi Baruch, a special analyst for the group, says that she is absolutely certain that the Petra Laszlo kicking technique is an exact match to the kicking techniques featured on the Daily Stormer.

This is also Jared Taylor’s fault.