You Should Probably Watch This Vax Victim Testimony

This clip from a series of testimonies of vax victims is very moving.

This woman was part of the AztraZeneca coronavirus vaccine trial, and describes just how insanely it was run, and describes the damage that was done to her and others. At least one of her mates in the trial committed suicide.

The video is a couple of weeks old, and I’m pretty sure we posted the full group testimony, but this woman’s was so specifically moving that it needs to be shared.

This is something you should share with people. Again, this is the link directly to the video, if you don’t want to link to a gamer website. People are emotionally moved by emotional women. It’s part of our pretty basic underlying evolutionary biology. So if you’re still dealing with people who are confused about this vaccine, send it to them.

Of course, at this point – most people have made their choice, and will die with that choice.

It’s the only choice that matters:

  1. Submit
  2. Resist

The binary and obvious nature of it is a blessing.