You Save 16 Cents, And What Do You Get? A Little Bit Gayer and Deeper in Butt

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Here’s the thing.

You read that right: the White House – or should I say, the Hoax House – is bragging that the 4th of July cookout is going to cost $0.16 less than last year.

Firstly, that tweet is from July 1, so I don’t know how they would even know this. Secondly, even if they did a poll on how much people spent, they wouldn’t be able to track 16 cents. That is statistical noise.

What they are claiming to have done is averaged the prices of food items, and came to the conclusion – somehow – that it’s this minor amount less. They price individual items, without giving brand names or regional data, and say things are down X percent.

Clearly, there is no way that is true. The fed itself is admitting to 5% inflation, and even if there are some kind of agricultural subsidies that Joe Biden implemented through executive fiat (I don’t have any idea if that happened but it seems like something that might happen), the inflation rate is always higher on food than their stated number (which is a fake number anyway, according to their own admission).

The other obvious thing here is that there was no July 4th last year – they canceled it as part of the coronavirus hoax.


This tweet is some kind of attempt to claim that inflation isn’t really happening. It is a bold move, as the only goal could be to gaslight you into thinking you’re insane. Everyone sees the higher prices. Some people (women) keep track of the cost of groceries each week. Everyone is kind of aware of prices going up, even if they don’t keep specific track. They notice that specific item prices are up, and they notice that the checkout price is generally up.

Finally worth noting is that Biden is literally saying publicly that he wants to raise the prices of food to stop global warming. So this is in opposition to his own stated agenda. He wants you to pay more for food.

I miss the old days of high energy right-wing. With the song parodies.

I also miss the days when you could embed a YouTube song on Hoax Watch.

Are you guys seeing the song?

I’m seeing this (with a US VPN IP):

If this is the new deal, then YouTube is officially 100% worthless.

The very last thing I was using it for was embedding music videos.

Furthermore, I was on a browser other than Brave the other day and tried to watch some YouTube video (a university lecture on history – one random thing you can still find there for now) and it now has ads every 15 seconds or so. I just can’t even imagine how people would tolerate this – especially since YouTube is now a default thing for social gatherings to turn on music (because for one it has video and for another anyone at the social gathering can take a turn playing the songs they want). If it’s crashing your music every 15 seconds with a laundry detergent ad, people will go back to mp3 collections.

Most people are too stupid to use Brave.

So this is the inevitability of monopolies. Once they are stable as monopolies, they just rape you.

Did you know that Adam Smith said the single most important job of the government (as relates to the economy) is to prevent monopolies?

Yet somehow, boomers say monopolies are freedom and associate it with Wealth of Nations.

It’s sick.

I still remember that time that Sean Hannity said that Jeff Bezos made 16 billion dollars in one day after the government forcibly shut down all small businesses and said that this was the free market at work.

Ideology is NEVER consistent.

By the nature of ideology, it can’t be consistent.

Ideology is the refuge of morons and scoundrels.