You Need to be Very Concerned About the Freedoms of the Hong Kongese, Goy

Can you imagine a government so evil that it cracks down on political dissidents?


Hong Kong police arrested 53 people in dawn raids on democracy activists on Wednesday in the biggest crackdown since China last year imposed a new security law which opponents say is aimed at quashing dissent in the former British colony.

Hong Kong’s most prominent pro-democracy advocates were arrested in raids on 72 premises as the authorities said last year’s unofficial vote to choose opposition candidates in city elections was part of a plan to “overthrow” the government.

The arrests were linked to an unprecedented, independently organised and non-binding vote to select opposition candidates for a since-postponed legislative election.

About 1,000 police took part in the raids, which included searches of the offices of a pollster and a law firm.

“The Chinese Communist Party has further turned the screw in Hong Kong,” said Chris Patten, the last British governor of Hong Kong. “Liberal democracies around the world must continue to speak out against the brutal destruction of a free society.”

Why must we speak out against the brutal destruction of a free society on the other side of the planet when our own free societies are being brutally destroyed, as we speak?

How does that make any sense?

Is there any single person on earth who would dare to make the claim that people in China are somehow less free than people in America, Europe or Australia?

Of course no such person would do that. They would just say “oh yeah but because of a virus.”

Well, if you can be stripped of all of your most fundamental freedoms because of a virus, then guess what? You never had those freedoms in the first place.

Furthermore, it is now brutally obvious that this virus hoax is never ending and we’re never getting any of our freedoms back.

So despite the fact that I don’t care about freedom in China, and also don’t really believe that their freedoms are being taken away (it’s never really been explained what people in Hong Kong want to do that they don’t have the freedom to do), I must insist that we focus on the fact that we have literally no freedom at all in the Western world.

In America: churches are being shut down by the government, every small business is being purposefully destroyed by the government, all of our money is being forcibly transferred to the ruling elite, they’re passing laws that say they can arrest you without cause and imprison you indefinitely without charge.

And you want to talk about China?