You Know Who Really Did the Holocaust, Right? The Polish.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 1, 2019

After seventy-five years of blaming Germany for the Holocaust, the Jews have decided that Poland also did a Holocaust against them while they were occupied by Germany during WWII.

In fact, the Holocaust did not actually happen. It is war propaganda, no different than the incubator babies of the first Iraq war, the weapons of mass destruction of the second Iraq war, or the gas attacks of the still ongoing Syrian war.

During the first World War, they claimed that Canadian soldiers were being crucified by the Germans.

In actual fact, the Jews also claimed that exactly six million Jews were scheduled to die in that war as well.

When you are a government and you want to go to war, you make things up about your enemy in order to make your people want to go die fighting them. This is just standard government policy.

The hilarious thing in this situation is that Poland is the country responsible for creating the Holocaust lie. After the war, the Jews initially claimed that basically all the work camps in Europe – including ones in Germany – were actually secret Jewish death camps. Then, they had to admit that there weren’t any in Germany. So they claimed that all of the allegedly gassed Jews were gassed in camps in Poland – a country which very conveniently was behind the iron curtain, where no one could go take a look.

Poland’s communist government – which the Jews brag about having run – actually built fake gas chambers and crematoria at Auschwitz, which the Jews now claim are “reconstructions.”

Even the brutal communist Jew government of Poland never blamed the Polish for the Holocaust.

Then, about ten years ago, Jews all a sudden started talking about how the Polish – who were occupied by a foreign power – were actually themselves responsible for the Holocaust.

The first heavily-promoted book making this claim that I’m aware of was “Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland,” by the Polish-American half-Jew Jan T. Gross.

Then came many others, including “Poland’s Holocaust: Ethnic Strife, Collaboration with Occupying Forces and Genocide in the Second Republic, 1918-1947,” by the Polish-American Jew Tadeusz Piotrowski.

Things really got heated up in 2017, when an English translation of yet another one of these books was published.

CBS News, March 15, 2017:

A prominent Polish historian presented evidence Wednesday about Polish villagers’ widespread killing of Jews fleeing Nazis during World War II, touching a raw nerve in a country still grappling with its role during the Holocaust.

The research is likely to irk the nationalist Polish government, which has taken aim at those seeking to undermine its official stance that Poles were only heroes in the war, not collaborators who committed heinous crimes.

In launching the English-language version of her 2011 book, “Such a Beautiful Sunny Day,” Barbara Engelking details dozens of cases of everyday Poles raping Jewish women and bludgeoning Jews to death with axes, shovels and rocks. The book, which came out in Polish under the previous government, takes its title from the last words of a Jew pleading with peasants to spare his life before he was beaten and shot to death. It offers a searing indictment of Polish complicity that will now reach a far wider audience.

“The responsibility for the extermination of Jews in Europe is borne by Nazi Germany,” she writes. “Polish peasants were volunteers in the sphere of murdering Jews.”

At this point, the Poles were being harassed all through the international media for having committed a Holocaust of Jews.

So they passed a law making it illegal in Poland to accuse Poland of doing the Holocaust.

In response to that law, the Jews went absolutely berserk.

Look at this advertisement they released demanding that America cut ties with Poland:

That was apparently shown on American television!

Now, a year later, the Jews are demanding that Poland give them more than $300,000,000,000 as reparations for the Holocaust they claim that Poland committed against them.

Poland’s entire GDP is just over $500 billion on a good year.

So the Jews are saying “give us a cash payment of 60% of your GDP as recompense for this thing that happened 75 years ago, which a few years ago we decided you did.”

This would cripple their economy.

To put this in perspective: this would be like if the Jews were demanding that America give them $12 trillion.

And you know what: eventually, they will demand that.

This is a racket that never ends.

The Jews have already been blaming us for not joining the war fast enough and not allowing in enough Jewish refugees, saying that we’re responsible for the Holocaust because of that. So how long will it be before they come knocking on our door, demanding the $12 trillion?

The joke is that Poland is responsible for the Holocaust, because it is only with the consent of the Poles that they were able to fake it. Especially after the collapse of communism.

The Jews still claim that there are the ashes of millions of Jews buried at Auschwitz and the other camps, even though no one has ever investigated that claim.

The best move for the Poles to make would be to repeal their laws outlawing research of the Holocaust, and allow scientists to go to Auschwitz, Treblinka, Belzec and all the rest, and see if these ashes are actually there.

Because they’re not there.

And then: what exactly can the Jews say after that? If there are no bodies, then what? Will they say the ashes were moved? I can’t imagine they’d not try that. But how many people would believe it?

Right now, the US government – run by the Neo-Nazi White Supremacist Leader Donald Trump – is already beginning to threaten Poland, to try and bully them into giving up the cash.

And I’ll tell you what: if Poland goes ahead and proves that the entire Holocaust was a hoax, they’re not going to be paying any money.

But they should be strategic about it. If the Jews catch wind of a plan to do this, I wouldn’t be surprised if NATO started bombing the country.