You Know What Would Make This Shark Video Game Better? A Sassy, Fat Black Female Shark-Hunter

I have no problem with the blacks. In fact, I love the blacks. Every day, I pray for mercy for the personal responsibility I have in the murder of George Floyd. Big George sacrificed his life in the quest for equality, and I will never forget that grave sacrifice.

However, with that being said, I simply have one request: that I never have to see a black person again, ever, for the rest of my life. I will happily agree that whites are inferior and that all the problems of the blacks are the fault of whites. I will sign papers saying that I take personal responsibility for every bad thing a white person has ever done. I will sign a second paper that says no single black person can ever be held responsible for the behavior of black people. I will agree to any of these theological demands of the Jewish media, if I am simply granted the one request: no having to look at another black person ever again for the rest of my life. I will also agree to give 70% of my entire life earnings to the blacks, as a show of contrition for the role I played in enslaving them.

I just don’t want to look at them. Surely, this is reasonable.

But apparently, this isn’t reasonable enough for the developers at TripWire interactive, who decided to put a female black in their game “Maneater.” And not just any female black – a sassy, fat female black.

What is the purpose of this? Do they think sassy, fat black women are going to play this game?

What exactly is going on that every single product released after the death of George Floyd has to be filled to the breaking point with blacks?

Did the blacks even request this?

No, of course they did not.

The BLM requests were very straightforward:

  • Remove the police from black neighborhoods and make it illegal to arrest black people, and
  • Let all the blacks out of prison

Those were the demands we all heard. But even if you went into their official BLM documents, which appeared to have been written by Jews, there was no request to put black people in video games or every television commercial. Those documents demanded that the nuclear family be abolished (???), but did not demand we be forced to look at them all the time.

Putting black people everywhere appears to be a white “I don’t know what else I’m supposed to do here” response to the aggressive behavior of the blacks. As we know, nothing is going to make these blacks happy, but the white cultural response to the BLM riots was “we’d better all do whatever we can to make these blacks happy.”

Of course, the reader is thinking “IT’S THE JEWS DOING THIS!”, and that is true in terms of the mainstream, but that was already happening a lot. After George Floyd, blacks are now just in absolutely everything, with no exceptions. They penetrated things like small video games, that normally would not have even thought of putting blacks everywhere, unless it suited the story.

Maneater is about a Louisiana bayou being terrorized by a mutant shark. There is no reason to have black people in this game.

At this point, I’m ready to support a boycott of any company that forces me to look at black people. I don’t want to do that anymore. After 2020, I am very simply exhausted by black people. It’s not about hate. It is about physical exhaustion. I just simply cannot look at them anymore.

I was watching a stream of Maneater because it is on sale right now and I wanted to see if it might be the relaxing action RPG I crave after being so badly let down by Biomutant (which I got refunded, by the way). I was watching this stream and really getting into it, thinking it was indeed what I was looking for.

Then, at 17 minutes, I found the sassy, fat black woman, and decided I would be giving this game a hard pass.

For the record: I never used to be like this. Sure, replacing white historical figures and characters with blacks bothered me, but I wasn’t an outright “no blacks, no deal” kind of person. I was actually pretty tolerant of it, generally. I liked the black characters on my classic shows. Whatever level of racism I was on, it was a level that didn’t even care if the captain was black.

Now, things are very different. I cannot tolerate the blacks.

This isn’t some ideological position. It’s a personal issue. I am now just totally repulsed. Every time I see a black in media, I feel like I’m the victim of targeted harassment. I’m not going to pay for that.

Given what the BLM media campaign has done to me personally, I think it must be affecting the mainstream white population. This is I’m sure why there was such a huge campaign to censor and sanitize right-wing media before the BLM machine got rolling. They want people to feel alienated and alone – and to believe that their increasing disgust with being forced to submit to being dominated by black people is something only they are feeling.

We are living in a system of intense psychological coercion. A normal person would be scared to death to turn to a friend and ask: “are you getting kinda sick of seeing these blacks everywhere?”

Anyway – my birthday’s coming up. I’m half tempted to request a Nintendo Switch, for all my ARPG needs – with no blacks.