You Know Nothing About Women, Jon Snow

Jon Snow is only 33, but for some reason he married a middle-aged woman, who looks about as appetizing as one of those ice-ghouls from Beyond the Wall.

New York Post:

“Game of Thrones” stars Rose Leslie and Kit Harington are about to discover the true meaning of “Night’s Watch” — the two are expecting a baby.

After meeting on set of the hit HBO show and marrying in 2018, Leslie, 33, is pregnant with their first child.

She posed with her baby bump for a cover story in the new issue of the UK’s Make Magazine.

Fashion editor Ursula Lake broke the news by posting one of the images to her Instagram Saturday night.

I’m happy he’ll get his first kid. Great news for him.

Actually, I frankly don’t really care about this guy very much.

But if he wanted kids, why would he marry a middle-aged woman?

He can probably only realistically have one kid with this over-ripe bitch.

Presumably, he married her because he had sex scenes with her on the show. The body reacts to that, you know. Your subconscious, animal drives don’t know what “acting” is, and assumes that if you’re simulating intimacy with a woman, you are actually intimate with that woman. So in that situation, your brain starts releasing chemicals which create feelings of affection, a process which childlike Western adults refer to as “falling in love.”

He would have done well to rein that shit in and go find some young bitch. He’s a famous actor, so he has that ability.

Obviously, a younger female is more attractive than an older one, physically, as a matter of absolute fact. But frankly, and I’m just going to be frank with you here, you shouldn’t think about a woman’s attractiveness in choosing a mate.

The issue is bigger than her disgusting saggy tits and unslappable soft ass muscles. A woman who is in her 30s has already had sex with dozens and probably hundreds of men. This means that she no longer possesses the capacity to form deep emotional bonds. She is jaded.

She has what is known as the “thousand cock stare,” glassed-over dead eyes as the normal resting position of her face.

If you want a good relationship – well, actually, if you want a good relationship, you’re going to have to become a faggot, because women are tricksters and fiends by their diabolical nature.

But if you want the best relationship possible, you want to go with the youngest female that your area legally allows.

Of course, a young bitch comes with her own set of problems. However, those problems, as serious and as soul-destroying as dealing with them will be, are lesser than the problems with some over-ripe middle-aged skank.

And as we say: assuming you want a kid, you would want more than one kid. It’s cruel to have one kid. The single child’s psychology is pathological. You want a minimum of four, and if she’s having her first kid at 33, she’s unlikely to have a second one and certain not to have a third.

A man who knew something about women would have done this math before agreeing to become the pay-cow of a middle-aged skank.