You Can’t Make an Alternative to Patreon Because Banks Won’t Allow It

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 20, 2018

So Sargon of Akkad, the entire cast of Defend Europe and MILO were banned from Patreon.

The CEO of Patreon, Jack Conte, issued a statement talking about “Manifest Observable Behavior.”

Conte said that people were going to die if he didn’t ban “Defend Europe.”

But no one was going to die because of Sargon of Akkad.

Then they said they banned Sargon because he said “nigger.”

Conte then gave a statement to Tim Pool, admitting that his own rules don’t make any sense.

Here’s Tim analyzing that confusing statement.

Patreon has taken a pretty serious hit since they banned all these people.

There is a boycott.

Sam Harris, the Jewish atheist who is friends with Jordan Peterson and the Jew Dave Rubin, quit the platform, ostensibly on principle.

His was one of the biggest accounts on the site, with nearly 9,000 subscribers.

Sargon and several others moved to Subscribestar, a Russian Patreon alternative.

However, this alternative site was quickly shutdown by PayPal, making it mostly impossible to process payments.

Here’s Sargon talking about that.

Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson have announced that they are starting their own platform, at least in part because they are losing money from the boycott. Peterson says that after the Sargon ban and subsequent backlash, he lost 10% of his subscribers.

The mainstream Jewish media is mocking all of these people for thinking they should be able to make a living at all.

The Young Turks also released a video with their new white-presenting haji Hassan (who is probably actually 90% white, because the Turks were really good at kidnapping white women) just mocking the idea that right-wingers should be able to make money at all.

Joe Rogan was friendlier about it, as you would expect.

In a conversation with some dirty Indian.

But he still sort of said that it was okay to ban people because “muh private company.”

The Thing About All of This Actually Is

There is no way to create an alternative funding platform, because everything is a private company.

I think that probably Dave Rubin and Jordan Peterson can create something that they will be allowed to operate – probably without PayPal, but with some bank doing credit card processing. And Sargon of Akkad will be allowed on that.

For now, that will be allowed.

Because I think that some people realize that this whole “shut it down” program is going way, way too fast.

It was one thing when they were banning me, because you can definitely dig up some super-offensive shit I’ve said. Like, outrageously offensive. I of course believe that this is art, and should be protected, and that I shouldn’t be banned from any form of payment processing because my art is too cool for school.

But, whatever – I get it when it comes to the Daily Stormer. My goal is to be as offensive as possible to make a political point, so it is at least within the realm of “okay, I get it” for most people when they ban me from everything. Especially since they’ve labeled me a “neo-Nazi,” which is an extremely unpopular branding.

Again: it is absolutely wrong what they’ve done to me, organized this conspiracy against me to ensure that I can make no money whatsoever, even organized to create new forms of censorship against me. However, I get that I am a special case. That’s all I’m saying.

But when you start banning people like Alex Jones, Sargon and MILO, you’ve jumped the shark, and everyone is like “what the hell is going on here?”

And I think that certain powerful Jews are probably aware that they are stepping into “overreach” territory. That they need to slow things down, take a step back, allow for some form of dissent on the internet for a little while longer.

But that is all it will be: a little while longer.

Eventually, it won’t just be PayPal that is shutting people down, it will be all banks and Visa itself. Because banks and Visa have the ability, technically, to deny people service based on their political ideology.

And all of these people are eventually going to hit that hard wall, as I have. 

Maybe they can go for another year, maybe 18 months, but they won’t be able to go indefinitely.

I am going to make an account with Rubin and Peterson’s new service. Nothing I say is illegal. I have said “nigger,” but so has Sargon. I have never advocated violence.

But they will ban me. Even if they don’t want to ban me, they will have to because I am not allowed on any service, by holy decree of the Jews.

Apparently, the government has decided that it is okay for monopolies to decide what people are and are not allowed to say on the internet. There is no movement to change these laws. Even Jordan Peterson is not talking about a change to the laws.

The only person who is talking about it is Tucker Carlson. And Ann Coulter. And me.

We need FCC regulations that say that none of these companies are allowed to ban anyone based on First Amendment protected speech.

Then the whole issue is solved. Jack Conte doesn’t have to come up with weird, convoluted explanations for bannings. He can legitimately say “there’s nothing I can do.”

And I’ll tell you what: if Trump could just do that one thing, it would be the defining moment of his Presidency. Because if we were let loose on social media, and if I was allowed to make money, it would be game over. We can get Trump reelected, we can create massive public support for all his policies.

I wish he would think about that.