You Can Now Graduate High School in Oregon Without Knowing How to Read or Do Basic Math

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Campus Reform:

This school year, Oregon high school seniors who cannot read or do math will still be allowed to graduate in accordance with a new law that suspends key academic graduation requirements.

According to Senate Bill 744, signed by Gov. Kate Brown without any announcement last month, states that “a student may not be required to show proficiency in Essential Learning Skills as a condition of receiving a high school diploma” through the next three school years.

The move follows Oregon State University and the University of Oregon going “test-optional” last year, meaning that applicants to those schools are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores.

Thousands of American students will encounter declining academic standards when they return to school this fall.

Nevada’s Clark County School District, which covers Las Vegas, will no longer dock a student’s grade for missing class, missing assignments, or failing to participate in class, according to 8 News Now. Because late work will not be penalized, deadlines for students to turn in their assignments are effectively moot.

As Campus Reform has reported, the coronavirus pandemic accelerated the pace at which colleges dropped their standardized testing requirements – at least temporarily. With campuses set to reopen in weeks, however, it appears the testing requirements at many colleges are gone for good.

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