You Burned a Koala to Death with Your Car and Air Conditioner

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2019

Burnt koala.

Look at what you’ve done.

This is on you.

Daily Mail:

Devastating bushfires are believed to have incinerated as many as 8,000 koalas on Australia’s east coast.

Australia’s federal environment minister Sussan Ley said the bushfire-ravaged mid-north coast in New South Wales, home to as many as 28,000 koalas, may have lost 30 per cent of the species’ local population in recent months.

This “burnt koala” is quickly becoming the “drowned child refugee” of climate change.

People all around the first world are causing the Koala Holocaust by turning on their air conditioners and driving around in their cars.

Greta Thunberg herself has come out and claimed that white people changing the climate are responsible for the Australian bushfires, which means that white people are responsible for the death of thousands of innocent koalas.

The estimate comes after wildlife experts warned the unprecedented blazes have threatened the koala with extinction.

‘We’ll know more when the fires are calmed down and a proper assessment can be made,’ Ms Ley told ABC’s AM radio show.

Earlier this year before the bushfire crisis took hold, the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) estimated there were only 80,000 koalas left nationally.

The minister said the one-in-three estimate was made on the basis that a third of the local koala population’s habitat had been destroyed.

She added a $6million budget was in place to release the surviving koalas from the region’s hospitals.

The Australian Koala Foundation has said koalas are ‘functionally extinct’ – which refers to when a species is too small to sustain its population into future generations.

University of Sydney professor of ecology Chris Dickman estimated 480million mammals, birds and reptiles had been killed, directly or indirectly, by the flames.

He added the koalas rescued from the fires would struggle – regardless of whether they were kept in captivity or released back into the wild.

Look at how you left the ones that survived.

How dare you?

You have stolen their future.

The destruction of koala habitats meant the marsupials would, most likely, struggle to reproduce in coming generations, especially in areas of NSW that had been singed.

Making matters worse, the bushfires since November had burnt through the best koala habitat in northern NSW, where the soil was more fertile.

‘Almost certainly, a lot of koalas would have been killed directly by the flames and probably indirectly by a combination of starvation, being picked off by dogs, even for the ones that survived.’

Koalas would also struggle being kept in captivity.

Koala is sad.

Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley said that meant the marsupials rescued from the bushfires could not be relocated to another area of bushland.

‘The next, most difficult thing is how to reintroduce them into their habitat,’ she told Sydney radio 2GB broadcaster John Stanley on Friday.

‘You can’t pick up a koala that’s lived for several generations in one area and move it even 50km away.

‘It needs the same area, the same type of trees, and it really is quite a complicated exercise – they’re not the easiest creatures to adapt to different circumstances.’

As a result, koalas are likely to be kept in capacity until their burnt-out habitat had regenerated.

Earlier this month, Nature Conservation Council ecologist Mark Graham said that fires burning around New South Wales have razed koala habitats so extensively ‘we will probably never find the bodies’.

We’ve lost such a massive swathe of known koala habitat that I think we can say without any doubt there will be ongoing declines in koala populations from this point forward,’ he said.

You have globally warmed koalas so much that they burned to death, yet you’re still here, reading this from your screen as if you were incapable of changing your climate-changing ways.

You disappointed koala.

You have to stop this. Stop using your glowing-screen devices. Stop using your car. Stop using air conditioners.

Go live in some cabin in the woods and let kids fix this mess that you’ve created.