“You Better Love Me,” Says Potato Chieftain Bragging About the Economy as His Base Drowns in Debt

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 21, 2019

Trump is submerged in his own Donald world now, living in a parallel reality where the wall is being built and the economy is benefiting the American people instead of Jewish corporations and their immigrant workers.


President Donald Trump visited an Army tank plant in Ohio on Wednesday to bask in the afterglow of the facility’s revival — one of several accomplishments he cast as ignored or insufficiently credited during a politically charged address to workers.

You better love me,” the President opened. “I kept this place open, that I can tell you.”

“Better love you” or what, Mr. President? Are you going to replace your own people with record numbers of legal immigrant “workers” if your people don’t love you?

It’s clear that Trump is not feeling the love of his base, but it’s not clear if his base is even there to love him anymore. He promised a wall and to make America great again, but instead of that we got some “spicy” tweets and no real actions. We got some kind of weird capitalist Cult of Numbers where people serve the economy instead of the other way around, and where everything is about making the economy more efficient and feeding it more cheap foreign workers so it grows indefinitely.

Shouldn’t our people come before the economy?

Trump forgot all about the American people and is now focusing on Making the Economy Great Again (MEGA) and on flooding America with cheap Indian workers because it’s good for the industry or whatever.

The economy and industries of our country are supposed to be serving us, not foreigners. People that want to bring in foreign labor to improve the economy are people that clearly don’t care about anything other than filling the pockets of corporations and all kinds of Jews.

Wielding chart after chart of economic data — printed on sheets of paper too small for cameras or the crowd to see — Trump made the case for a resurgent American economy, particularly in Ohio, a state that forms a key piece of his 2020 re-election strategy, but is being hit by the closure of a major auto plant.

It was promises of reviving that sector which helped drive Trump to the White House in 2016, including in Ohio. Trump’s repeat visits to the state over the past two years, including for rollicking campaign rallies during the 2018 midterm elections, are meant to maintain his standing.

Yeah but here’s the twist: people thought Trump meant he’d revitalize the economy for the American people to work and enjoy, but instead he’s revitalizing the economy for foreign workers to come, work and enjoy.

He said he wants the highest numbers of people to come to America legally to work because apparently everyone in America already has a job and there’s so many available jobs that no one wants to take that the economy is artificially capped.

At least in his head.

Obviously there are people in America who are in need of jobs and people in need of better jobs, and robots are soon going to take over the jobs of many many people. This is possibly the worst time ever to be thinking about receiving new people, even if white.

Average people are drowning in debt. Young people are drowned in student debt. Some people don’t even have jobs.

And plus – robots.

Everyone’s stuck on a cycle of filling the pockets of Jewish corporations at the expense of their own health and future.

The best thing in the economic realm for the average American — that could realistically happen relatively soon — is for the economy to collapse. Erase all student debt.

Erase all debt.

Don’t pay anything to the Jews.

The next best thing that is even more likely to happen soon is for everyone to get $1000 dollars a month. Non-whites in America are already getting government money in many forms. It’s time for whites to also get some.

It’s time for us to get the bag.