“You Are Officially Being Trespassed” – Man Arrested at Disney World for Refusing Temperature Check

A man at Disney World was arrested for refusing a temperature check.

Technically, the man was arrested for trespassing. However, this is the same “private company can do anything to you” ideology that justified censorship in action.

NBC News:

A man who was arrested after refusing a temperature screening at Disney Springs told authorities he couldn’t be told to leave because he spent $15,000 on his vacation.

Kelly Sills, a tourist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, bypassed the Orlando attraction’s medical screening in February and refused to get his temperature checked when asked by Disney employees, according to a police report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Body camera footage recently released showed Sills refusing to leave when asked by law enforcement.

I spent $15,000 to come here,” Sills said after a deputy told him he was officially considered to be trespassing. Deputies and a security manager at Disney Springs had approached Sills outside the Boathouse restaurant, according to the police report.

Sills allegedly argued with the security manager, yelling at him, before the manager told him he was “no longer welcome at the park today,” the report said.

A woman could be heard asking officers not to arrest Sills in the body camera footage.

“He’s not listening,” a man responded. “All he had to do was get temperature checked. That’s it.”

At another point in the video, Sills asked whether authorities could take his temperature before forcing him to leave. Someone responded that they would do so at jail, according to NBC affiliate WFLA. Sills also claimed to be a Disney stockholder at another point.

Do you see what is going on here, folks?

The government isn’t the one enforcing the temperature-taking law. It is enforced by private companies.

I made a big deal about this when I was censored from everywhere. When I was censored from everywhere, while not accused of having been accused of a crime, they said that everyone censoring me was a private company.

That is to say, “the entire internet is controlled by private companies, meaning that if private companies all get together and decide to censor you, you cannot be on the internet.”

They said that the rights of private companies overrode my Constitutional rights to freedom of speech.

It was clear then that this “private company” argument could be used for many purposes beyond violating First Amendment rights.

I went through and explained that all grocery stores (and restaurants) are “private companies” and that it would be possible to cause a person to starve to death by the government claiming that private companies have a right to collude together to deny service to an individual they have deemed “bad.” I wrote thousands of words going through various hypotheticals about how a person could starve to death if all private companies refused him service.

I wrote this on August 24, 2017:

But once it is settled – and if I keep losing domains like this, it will be settled – and it is decided that I am not allowed on the internet, then comes the next guy, then the next, then it’s normie Republicans who aren’t allowed online.

What they are claiming is that the internet is 100% controlled by private companies, meaning I have no rights. Well, this is no different than shutting off my heat in the winter, so I have to freeze to death. Or telling me because of my beliefs, I’m not allowed in the grocery store, so I have to starve to death.

(There was a lot more I wrote that I’m going to find – you just wait, I had a whole long explanation of how political dissidents are going to be forced into starvation that is literally exactly what they are telling us with this “private companies” vaccine passport system.)

Interestingly, we appear to now be entering into a situation more or less identical to that hypothetical I put forward with the vaccine passport. They are saying that the vaccine passport will not be required by the government, but that private companies will require you to have it in order to enter – and then if you violate those rules, just like the man at Disney World, the real, government police will show up and arrest you.

Right now, it is unclear if you are going to be able to buy food without the vaccine passport. They are saying that any private company is going to be able to deny you entry if you don’t have the vaccine passport QR code on your phone or printed out on a piece of paper. I assume that Walmart, Amazon Whole Foods, and all of the rest of the chain grocery stores are going to require this.

This basic concept that “private companies” have a right to deny Constitutional rights should have been challenged. It could have been challenged. The “civil rights” laws forcing companies to allow entry to the blacks said that a private company had to give service to a black.

Just recently, we’ve seen the whole drama with Christian bakers being forced to bake gay anal cakes for homosexuals.

One of the Christian bakers who made it through the gay cake struggle is now attacked for refusing to bake a trap cake – and he’s said it was a trap.

(It’s not clear if that boomer knows meme language re: “trap” or if this is just a wonderful coincidence.)

So clearly, the libertarian ideal of “a private company can do anything they want” is selectively enforced as a principle.

But they enforced that to deny First Amendment rights and they will again enforce it to deny you rights to move around when they bring out the vaccine passport.

The more I think about it, the more I see that this libertarian argument for “private companies can do whatever they want to you and the government has no obligation to protect your rights” was a setup for the vaccine passport. Even if it wasn’t a specific setup, establishing the ability of corporations to collude together to deny your rights was a general setup.

This is what happens when no one stands up and fights – things just keep getting worse.