You are Going to Live to See a Brave New World

For whichever reason, Australia ended up being ground zero for the coronavirus “pandemic” hoax, which as we’ve established on this website, is the greatest hoax in all of human history (bigger than both global warming and the Jewish Holocaust).

Probably, Australians, being normal white people but isolated geographically, were treated as a test population for how far this hoax could be pushed. The answer, apparently, is “all the way.”

The government of Australia has destroyed the futures of at least two generations because a couple hundred elders in nursing homes died from a mild flu.

ABC Australia:

Australia is officially in its first recession for almost three decades, with the June quarter GDP numbers showing the economy went backwards by 7 per cent — the worst fall on record and slightly worse than most economists had predicted.

The Bureau of Statistics numbers out today also confirmed the March quarter’s 0.3 per cent decline, meaning Australia’s economy has gone backwards for two consecutive quarters, meeting a common definition of recession.

It is the first time this has happened since 1991, although the scale of the downturn is vastly greater than “the recession we had to have”, where the economy shrank 1.3 and 0.1 per cent.

The 7 per cent quarterly GDP slump was also more than three times worse than the previous biggest fall of 2 per cent in June 1974.

The record fall in economic activity was driven by the private sector, much of which was shut down or restricted due to efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

Private demand took 7.9 percentage points off the economy, while a trade surplus and increased government spending added back 1 and 0.6 percentage points respectively.

“As expected, government spending and net exports provided support, but this was swamped by the collapse in private sector demand,” noted Sarah Hunter from BIS Oxford Economics.

Yes. When you completely shut a country down, it is very bad for the economy. Especially when you don’t have a base of material production to fall back on, and your economy was an absolute balancing act to begin with.

The article goes on to go through some of the details, which you can read if you’re interested in details, but the basic fact is this: the bottom has fallen out.

This is now a downward spiral.

Or perhaps dominos, if you prefer that analogy.

Whatever analogy you choose, the concept you should understand is “cascading failure.”


A cascading failure is a process in a system of interconnected parts in which the failure of one or few parts can trigger the failure of other parts and so on. Such a failure may happen in many types of systems, including power transmission, computer networking, finance, transportation systems, organisms, the human body, and ecosystems.

Cascading failures may occur when one part of the system fails. When this happens, other parts must then compensate for the failed component. This in turn overloads these nodes, causing them to fail as well, prompting additional nodes to fail one after another.

The structure of this global economy is like a spider web, or, probably more informatively, like a fractal.

Everything is caught up in extremely complex networks involving thousands of people and specific and seemingly unrelated industries working in concert.

Just consider the supply chains, where the ingredients of a British sandwich are coming from seven different countries.

If we use the spider web analogy, we are all sitting on the web, with not falling being dependent on all of the different individual lines of the production, movement, sale, purchase and consumption of these goods. If the British population all of a sudden stopped eating sandwiches, millions of people across 7 different countries would lose their jobs.

Fully 71% of American jobs are in the service sector. All of these people are effectively working selling goods and services so they can buy goods and services from other people who are selling goods and services. When people lose their jobs, they don’t have money to buy goods and services, so other people lose their jobs.

Cascading failure.

And the thing here is this: there is no way to restore any nodes in this system after they fail.

In the example of Britons ceasing to eat sandwiches, they would not be eating less food, so the jobs in the sandwich sector that were lost would be replaced by jobs in other food sectors. Maybe they would still be eating something with tomatoes and lettuce even, so the people who worked in that chain would be able to keep their jobs, simply shipping their tomatoes and lettuce to a different supplier. But when the lifestyles of everyone in the system are necessarily going to drop significantly, everyone else’s drops at the same time, save for the elite, which are able to pick up the pieces of people’s shattered lives.

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This service economy that we have was created by our previously very successful production-based economy. The wealth from that economy existed, and then was able to move around indefinitely in the service sector circle jerk. When the system fails, there is no longer any web for we spiders to stand on.

I said all of this as soon as the lockdown was announced: you cannot stop the motion of this system, because the continual movement of goods and services is fundamental to it.

Further: the cascading failure will not only affect our economic system, but the social order, including the mental health of the population. This will continue the feedback loop.

There are of course other elements to the economy, presently, which will continue on, but the overwhelming majority of the service sector in every Western country is going to be completely wiped out. Given the fact that some of the raw materials will also no longer be needed (people aren’t going to be driving much, and general business and home electricity use is going to go down significantly), we can estimate that it’s at least 60% of the entire economy that is going to be wiped out before we get to the bottom of this pit.

At that point, the only real option is going to be to start over with a production economy, and then in a few generations, we can export it to some poor country, and start the process of collapse all over again. However, if that was the plan, there would have been no reason to wipe the economy out in the first place.

In fact, it appears that the plan is to permanently wipe out the middle and working classes, and have a fraction of a percent of the population living in extreme wealth while ruling over a mass of peasants. This new world will be dominated by mega-corporations. The masses of people who don’t die of drug overdoses or suicide during the transition process will be herded into hive-like skyscraper “pod” living facilities, operated by the corporations in tandem with the government.

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It’s going to be very similar to the various cyberpunk fictional works. You’re going to have people putting computer chips in their brains and all of that. Elon Musk is actively promoting and developing that technology, and I started wondering if his use of all of my talking points on the coronavirus hoax wasn’t part of a plan to position himself as a good guy as part of a brain-chip agenda.

It’s weird to think about, and no doubt sounds schizophrenic if you don’t know all of this stuff, but it kind of just is what it is. It’s the thing that is happening.

This is clear: the old concepts of rights, freedoms and the ideas we have about man’s role in the universe fundamentally will be wiped out. All of our basic rights were abolished with the opening of the virus hoax, and that is going to be continually played up all through this transition period.

Don’t Whine, Faggot

Some people have been whining at me that I’m “too negative.” These people need to man up and stop being faggots.

This faggot on the Gamer Uprising forum whined that I was making him so sad, I must be a fed:

I work 10, 12, sometimes 16 hour days.

Please view the amount I write. Try to find someone else who has even 20% of my weekly output. They do not exist. I am five times the man of whoever my closest competitor is in terms of output, and that is due to the amount I work. I do not have the ability to add “organizing a movement” into my schedule.

I’m a guy who writes a website and I do my very best at that.

I’m not going to lie to you about the news. Reporting what is happening isn’t complaining. I don’t think any aspect of the tone of this site over the last months could be described fairly as “complaining,” save (by a stretch) my addressing of Trump and William Barr’s response to the riots.

I didn’t create this situation. In fact, I spent the last 8 years trying to prevent it from happening.

What I have told you is this: move out of the cities, get right with God, and do things you enjoy to keep your life meaningful. Create and build anything you have a chance to create or build. Spend time with loved ones. Get a girl pregnant. Live your life. I’m not your dad and I’m not Jesus and it isn’t my job to tell you what to do.

I will tell you this: you’re going to be a lot better at living your life if you understand what is happening, and plan ahead for it. I’m doing my best to put ideas out there about how to prepare for it, but that’s going to be different for everyone. What you need to do is look at what I’m saying, confirm it for yourself using the facts and analyses I present along with any you’re able to find anywhere else, and get ready for what’s next.

This isn’t going to go away because you stopped thinking about it.