You are All Being Replaced!

Daily Stormer
June 26, 2017

We don’t usually post Stef’s call-ins, because they’re usually sort of filler, with maybe a little flash of brilliance here and there.

But this one is good.

He gets mad.

Question: “I work for the largest employer in a western state with an employee base of over 40,000 people. Recently, the entire web development department was told that they will be losing their jobs within the next two weeks and being replaced by a consultant company. The employees who are losing their jobs are being forced to participate in ‘knowledge transfer’ meetings each day with their replacements of this consultant company, most of which are offshore in India. This is a growing trend among companies with large IT staffs as developers, architects, database admins and analysts are expensive components of the payroll. With Trump’s focus on keeping American jobs in America, why is there little or no coverage of the intellectual exodus of technical positions offshore?”