You are About to be Responsible for Titanic-Style Tragedies, Experts Warn

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2020

Greta Thunberg has made it pretty clear that Climate Change is the fault of people who eat meat, drive non-Tesla cars, and fly on planes and stuff — which in more direct terms means that you, personally, are responsible for it.

Apparently, that wasn’t enough for you and now you’re going to kill a lot of people in Titanic-like tragedies.

You sick bastard.

Daily Mail:

Antarctic tourists risk being killed in a Titanic-style tragedy because climate change is creating more icebergs, putting cruise ships in danger, experts have warned.

Some 50,000 people visited the inhospitable region last summer and the numbers have been increasing steadily along with the numbers of icebergs.

Camilla Nichol, a geologist and head of the United Kingdom Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT), said that the massive cruise ships in comparison to smaller research vessels posed serious concerns.

‘I wouldn’t want it being one of those [cruise ships with 1,000 passengers] if it strikes an iceberg.’ She told Sky News. ‘If you have a disaster in Antarctica, it has every, every, potential to become a disaster of unedifying proportions.’

Yeah, if you want to know exactly what kind of disaster we’re talking about here, watch that Leo DiCaprio movie about the consequences of climate change called “Titanic.”

All women cry at the ending because climate change is just that heartbreaking.

The Antarctic Peninsula is the fastest warming place on the planet and Ms Nichol said it requires highly skilled captains to navigate through the waters, with many routes often obstructed by hulking icebergs.

She told the broadcaster: ‘It is they who make the decisions on the safety of landings, and navigation. The visitors safety is in their hands, so their experience and qualifications need to be at the highest level.’

That doesn’t sound very inclusive.

If the Antarctic Peninsula warms so much that it turns into some Caribbean-style place, maybe People of Latin will be able to navigate its waters just fine.

The fact that the highest levels of experience and qualifications are needed to navigate cold places like the Antarctic Peninsula and that cold places in general require a base level of intelligence, forward-thinking and planning skills in order for people to avoid death, makes it clear that global warming is actually a good thing.

Global warming makes cold places warmer, and the increase in temperature lowers the qualifications required in order to survive in them.

Trying to stop polar ice caps from melting is a racist, ableist, meritocratic and discriminatory posture.

What we must start demanding, instead, is to hurry up with this whole global warming thing and make everything more like some African jungle so blacks and browns can finally thrive everywhere.

To that end, we’ll have to continue to drive non-Tesla cars, eat meat, and fly on planes.

No matter how much it upsets Greta.