Yorkshire Forum: Steve Frost – National Socialism and the Green Movement

Radio Aryan
June 13, 2016


Steve Frost the National Secretary of British Movement presents an overview of National Socialist environmental policies, showing that care for the natural world around us originally found it’s home among Nationalists, not Marxists. Many of the changes that the NSDAP made were later to be implemented by Germany’s enemies, but of course the Third Reich is never credited with being the first to come up with these ideas. Steve talks about the beginnings of the Green Movement and the early Nationalist and Fascist-sympathisers who were involved with it, citing many of the early pioneers who today’s Greens appear to have forgotten about, before giving some modern day examples of the way immigrants are effecting our environment.

Somewhere along the way the idea of protecting bio-diversity became separated from protecting ethno-diversity, though of course both are actually the same thing and the protection of our ethnic diversity naturally leads on to the preservation of our environment. Steve describes several instances where foreigners have shown their contempt for our green land, using areas of natural beauty for fly-tipping and human waste products. There have been many attempts to get the hostile invasive species to take an interest in protecting our landscape, but they do not see any logic in doing so. An appreciation of natural beauty does not seem to come naturally to them.

There is also the issue of blood and soil, our ancestors are buried in the soil of our homelands and our forefathers shed their blood in order to secure them for their descendants. Immigrants are just here to take what they can from us and where we see our history in the landscape, they just see plenty of space to concrete over and build a car-park.

The modern day Green Movement are well aware that should their members get to hear our arguments for preserving the race, that they would likely be swayed to our side, so there have been frantic warnings given out to the Green leadership to be especially vigilant in not allowing Nationalists to take part in any of their land cleaning and litter picking exercises.

A discussion follows, including contributions from Jez Turner, Simon Sheppard and Dr Jim Lewthwaite.

Presented by Steve Frost at the Yorkshire Forum June 11, 2016

Yorkshire Forum: Steve Frost – National Socialism and the Green Movement

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