Yorkshire Forum: Richard Edmonds and Simon Sheppard

Radio Aryan
February 8, 2016


Richard Edmonds: The Shape of Things to Come

Richard Edmonds’ speech suggests some possible solutions to the current invasion of refuse from the third world. We all know that the only reason they are coming to Europe is to suck the wealth from us, so why not offer to pay them a certain amount to go back? This could be in the form of a grant to help them rebuild their homes and businesses.

They claim that the reason they are coming to our countries, is because we have helped to bomb theirs. But if we were to pull out of NATO, then we would no longer be involved in wars for Israel.

Pulling out of NATO and paying out grants to the rapefugees to rebuild their own countries, are also policies that have been put forward by Jeremy Corbyn, the new leader of the Labour Party. How could the Left then attack us, if we were to campaign to do the same?

The speech also contains a comparison of recent events in the Ukraine, with events in Danzig at the outbreak of the second world war and in Sarajevo at the start of the first.

Richard also answers questions from the audience.

Recorded at the Yorkshire Forum February 6, 2016

Yorkshire Forum: Richard Edmonds – The Shape of Things to Come

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Simon Sheppard: Know Thine Enemy

Simon Sheppard’s speech concentrates on a new article he has written for Heritage and Destiny magazine showing that the Jews use feminine strategies against us. He explains how these same strategies are used by women to gain an evolutionary advantage over men.

He also explains why Pavlov was superior to Freud and how although everything is linked to sex, it is not in the way that Freud suggested it.

Finally he talks about why we should be doing at least one thing every day that we do not like doing. We all like reading articles, commenting on forums or listening to podcasts. But this does not help our cause as much as travelling to a demonstration does, or going out stickering and leafleting. Our ancestors had to do things they did not like doing, they risked their lives fighting to subdue natives so that future generations could have a living space, yet most people today think that not wanting to do something is an adequate excuse for refusal. The more you force yourself to do the things you dont like, the easier your life will become. Dont put things off until tomorrow, get on and do them today.

Simon also answers questions from the audience.

Recorded at the Yorkshire Forum February 6, 2016

Yorkshire Forum: Simon Sheppard – Know Thine Enemy

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