Yorkshire Forum: Liam Kernaghan – The Dark Arts of Propaganda and Spin

Radio Aryan
April 21, 2016


Liam Kernaghan’s presentation to the eighth Yorkshire Forum on the dark arts of discourse, propaganda and spin, including references from the Irish rebellion of 1641 right up to the invasion of Libya in 2011. The atrocity propaganda of the rebellion talked of pregnant women having their bellies sliced open and their babies murdered, showing that not much has changed since then. Britain has always been one of the most prolific atrocity propaganda producers and Liam concentrates on a particular example from the first world war, where carcasses of military horses and pack mules being processed into glue and boot polish were represented as being the cadavers of people.

There was even a case of a supposedly crucified Canadian soldier during the war and the committee formed to investigate alleged German outrages found many sensationalist accounts of rapes and babies being stuck on spikes in Belgium, however there were no corroborating eye witness reports of this happening when people were later questioned.

In the Soviet Afghan war the KGB were accused of making mines that looked liked children’s toys for use against Afghan infants and during the Yugoslav wars, there was a report of 41 children being massacred. No supporting evidence was ever found for either and eventually the photographer admitted faking the child-killing.  During the Arab Spring, the media were reporting that the Libyan army had been given viagra to facilitate mass rapes. This was later found to be false and the new army formed by the rebels who we supported against Gaddafi, went on an immediate raping spree when they arrived in England for training.

Lord Poncenby who was opposed to Britain’s role in the first world war, wrote a book collecting atrocity propaganda stories and attempted to show that without them, nobody would want to go to war in the first place. Liam then summarises the ten commandments of war-time propaganda that Lord Poncenby identified.

The second world war is conspicuously missing from Liam’s speech and is brought up in the question and answer session which follows. Steve Frost draws attention to a fake German radio station that was broadcasting out of Kent and suggests that black propaganda is now an integral part of modern life and is often used against Nationalists. Many of us have been subject to malicious and false propaganda and Steve cites a direct example of it being used against the BNP and questions what we can do to prevent it.

Speech by Liam Kernaghan

Yorkshire Forum: Liam Kernaghan – The Dark Arts of Discourse, Propaganda and Spin – YF 041916

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