York University Professor Claims Seeing Whites Puts Monkeys Off Science

Daily Stormer
November 13, 2016


When a white man wants something he goes after it. He educates himself, works hard and doesn’t let anything but ultimately death stop him.

This is of course what makes the white man superior to other races.


White Man exercising his superiority

A gift, yet a horrid burden.

We have always had to reach out and pick inferior human beings up due to them only being capable of sitting in their own mess whilst creating more of it.


‘Your new caught sullen peoples, half devil and half child.’ – Kipling

Despite the amount of undeserved help jiggaboos, hajis and other skraelings have had from their superior White Man, they continuously bitch and complain.

They still relentlessly go out of their way to find excuse after excuse, as to why they aren’t good enough for anything but shooting heroin, guns, sperm and collecting welfare.

Daily Mail:

Schools and universities should stop using images of white men in science lessons as it may discourage ethnic minorities, according to a top academic.

Dr Damian Spiteri, a social work professor at York University, said illustrations of Caucasian men ‘in lab coats’ may mean some students are unable to ‘see themselves as scientists’.

How dare we not give credit where it’s clearly due! How racist of us not to picture a porchmonkey when we think of scientific accomplishments! They don’t make up 11% of scientists to be overlooked!

He also advocates ‘discouraging images and words that can prevent students from reaching their life goals.’

Some life goal.

If Robert Koch was stopped from studying because he was worried about whether men with spectacles were being portrayed properly, I’d take a wild guess and assume he really wasn’t that interested in the subject.

And to make sure white students don’t get offended by the fact that their skin color apparently puts charity cases off completing their studies, there was of course put forward the classic leftist-style classroom indoctrination solution to make you feel like you owe these plebs something:

Among his recommendations is ‘ensuring students are aware of global issues such as migration, human rights, the elimination of poverty, and solidarity’.


But Goy, think of the dead Syrian baby on the beach!

He has written a book in which he argues for the ‘benefits of a multicultural education’, based on his experiences of teaching African asylum seekers in Malta.

Because everything we do has to be for the benefit of somebody else.


The kike’s vision of what every classroom in Europe should look like

He also said teachers should enlist translators for migrant pupils, to ‘ensure there are adequate language provisions for students who are not taught in their native language’

This Dr. Spiteri has a twitter account, of course: @damianspiteri1 and is also reachable by email at  if you’d like to relay some facts about racial IQ disparity or just generally convey your opinions regarding his attempt to erase the facts of overwhelming white contributions to science.

The last thing any person should do is fund the continuation of this:

And if that’s not sad enough:

Children who are learning English as a second language now form the majority in one in nine schools in England.