Yikes: Girl Crashed a Horse, Half of Jawbone Flew Out of Face! Reconstructed! She Looks Okay!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 9, 2019

Imagine the scientific magic of putting this girl’s jaw back in her face.

Our surgeons and our surgeries really have become incredible. It is a shame that pharmaceuticals have taken such a dark turn.

New York Post:

A British teen’s chin and jawbone were left hanging off her face by a tiny sliver of skin after a gruesome horseback riding accident, according to reports.

Emily Eccles, 15, smashed her head into a wooden post while riding in August near Baslow, Derbyshire, where her horse was spooked by a car’s exhaust system and galloped along a country path, The Sun reports.

Just seconds earlier, the Yorkshire teen’s feet had popped out of her stirrups as the horse sped off, flinging her to one side just before the moment of impact. She then recalled grabbing onto something red as she fell to the ground in a heap.

“I just looked down and I was like, ‘I don’t know what that is,’” Eccles, of Yorkshire, told the newspaper. “I just looked down and I could see teeth and bone and I said, ‘Is that my jaw?’”


Imagine that.

Chilling scenario.

The teen’s worst fears were soon realized, but her wounded face — which her doctors said had the worst injuries they’ve seen outside of a war zone — was later reconstructed during a five-plus-hour operation.

Eccles’ mother, Michelle, said she was astounded by her daughter’s recovery after initially getting the call that every parent dreads.

Yeah I’d say every parent dreads getting a call saying their daughter’s jaw just flew right the hell out of her face!

“I actually thought she’d died,” Michelle Eccles recalled of the shock from being told of her daughter’s ghastly injuries.

In all, Eccles’ jaw was rebuilt with three titanium plates and more than 160 stitches, The Telegraph reports.

Miraculously, the teen’s bandages were removed six days later, and she returned home after an 11-day hospital stay. Her once-prominent scars are also starting to fade, and she’s even considering getting back on a horse again, The Sun reports.

If we’re honest, Emily wasn’t exactly the farmer’s handsomest daughter before the crash.

But basically, she’s going to look normal. Just have a scar. No girl wants a scar on her face, but seriously, touch your face and imagine your jaw breaking in half and flying out of your face.

It’s incredible to be able to fix this. At any other time in history, if this would have happened and she’d not bled to death, she would have had an absolutely monstrous visage for the rest of her life. And she wouldn’t even be able to talk.

It is such a shame that we are capable of such wonders, but our society is hellbent on cutting off penises and creating fake weather graphs.