Yids Flip Lids Over Coffee Shop Owner Who Called Jews “Greedy” on Instagram

Daily Slave
October 3, 2014

Brown folk united against jews: Michael Avila, the owner of Bushwick's Coffee Shop
Brown folk united against jews: Michael Avila, the owner of Bushwick’s Coffee Shop

This story is exactly the reason why people need to stop apologizing for being “racist,” “anti-Semitic” or whatever label the Jews think up next.  These are psychological weapons the Jews have used against people to facilitate their devilish agenda of multiculturalism and White genocide.

This coffee shop owner shouldn’t have apologized for calling Jews “greedy,” because it is a racial trait that persists among a large number of Jews.  Their history proves this to be the case – just look at how they took control of banking through their disgusting system of usury.

It is time to stop apologizing for being “racist.”  If they want to call it hate speech, than I say we should embrace the hate.


A Bushwick coffee shop owner whose Instagram post called Jews “greedy infiltrators” told DNAinfo New York Thursday that his post was “misunderstood” and that people reacted so severely to it “because they identify so much with their race.”

Bushwick native Michael Avila, 31, opened The Coffee Shop at 203 Wilson Ave. this summer in the hopes that it would become a place for the community.

He’s had several customers come in describing poor living conditions and the “sneaky” methods that their landlords — who he said are often Jewish — use to try to kick them out, Avila explained.

He said that after two Jewish men looking to buy a building next door acted rudely in his shop, the larger issues about Bushwick gentrification became “personal.”

In response, he wrote a lengthy screed on the shop’s Instagram page Wednesday decrying the Jewish people trying to buy up property in the neighborhood.

In the post, he described his next-door neighbor as a “hoarder” who “makes the hood look less attractive,” but noted that he still doesn’t want to see the building bought by people he perceives as “greedy.”

“… I would like him to either clean up or move along,” Avila wrote in the post that went viral Thursday. “BUT NOT be bought out by Jews however, who in this case (and many cases separate- SORRY!) function via greed and dominance.”

Brokelyn first spotted Avila’s post on Instagram.

After a flood of negative responses to the post, Avila told DNAinfo New York Thursday that he was “misunderstood.”

“I’m anti-Zionism. It’s about politics, it’s about greed,” he said. “I’m certainly not anti-Semitic. That would stand against everything I believe I stand for.”