#YesAllFags: Video Emerges of Charlie Sheen Sucking on a Dick

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 24, 2015

Charlie Sheen is a half-Jew.
Charlie Sheen is a half-Jew homosexual drug addict; he is also a celebrity in America and a friend to Alex Jones.

People were all like “what, a straight guy with AIDS? No way bro.”

And they were right: no way, bro.

Daily Mail:

A new video has reportedly surfaced, showing Charlie Sheen smoking crack-cocaine and performing oral sex on another man the same year he was diagnosed with HIV.

The troubled 50-year-old actor made headlines last week when he went on the Today show to confirm he has been battling the virus for the past four years.

While Sheen said it was ‘impossible’ for him to have spread the virus, multiple sex partners have come forward saying they had unprotected intercourse with the former Two and a Half Men star and that he didn’t tell them he had the sexually-transmitted disease, according to media reports.

Adding to the shocking story is a video allegedly obtained by Radar Online last week, which reportedly shows Sheen smoking crack and having sex with another man in a Las Vegas hotel room. Radar hasn’t published the video.

Sources told the gossip site that the video was recorded in 2011 – the same year that Sheen was diagnosed with HIV. But it’s unclear if Sheen caught the virus before or after the incident.

The video clips were reportedly at the center of a $20million lawsuit against Sheen, filed by the other man in the video who claimed he got herpes from the actor.

According to Radar, the clips last about 30 seconds each and show Sheen smiling and smoking crack before seducing the other man, who is not named.

The man in the video says Sheen claimed he had ‘no venereal disease’ but that after their tryst he was diagnosed with herpes, his lawsuit alleged.

There is no such thing as HIV-AIDS. It is only GRIDS.

And remember: not only are all GRIDS-positive people gay, all gay people are GRIDS-positive.

It is not safe to be in their presence. If you are forced to be in the presence of gays, you should wear a surgical mask and constantly clean your hands with sanitizer.