Yes, You Can Get Infected with the Coronavirus Twice (Just Like with Any Other Flu)

The media is going nuts because some guy in Hong Kong allegedly got the coronavirus twice.


Hong Kong scientists are reporting the case of a healthy man in his 30s who became reinfected with coronavirus four and a half months after his first bout.

They say genome sequencing shows the two strains of the virus are “clearly different”, making it the world’s first proven case of reinfection.

The World Health Organization warns it is important not to jump to conclusions based on the case of one patient.

And experts say reinfections may be rare and not necessarily serious.

There have been more than 23 million cases of coronavirus infection around the world.

Those infected develop an immune response as their bodies fight off the virus which helps to protect them against it returning.

The strongest immune response has been found in the most seriously ill patients.

But it is still not clear how strong this protection or immunity is – or how long it lasts.

And the World Health Organization said larger studies over time of people who had previously had coronavirus were needed to find out more.

So I see that, and my immediate response is to head on over to, and do me a little bit of a searcharoo.

Just like with every single thing they announce about this allegedly unique virus, it’s the same as the flu.

When you type “get flu twice in one season” into Google, the first result, in the box, is a piece from the Ohio State Medical University explaining you can get different strains of the flu.

You might say that this is different, because different strains of the flu are not the same as the coronavirus, which is one strain. Well, further reading shows that it is indeed possible to get the same strain of the flu twice in one season, it’s just “extremely rare.” It’s apparently also extremely rare to get infected twice with the coronavirus, as it’s only documented as having happened one time thus far.

There is a 2011 paper posted at the National Institutes of Health which documents the same strand of the flu infecting multiple people in the same season. Research was done on the remote South Atlantic Island of Tristan da Cunha, where this happened to several inhabitants during the course of a study. They said these people had “either a delayed or deficient humoral immune response” which caused this. I don’t know what that means, but I do know that with the extent to which coronavirus is currently being studied, you’re likely to find that same situation again.

This island is literally in the middle of the ocean, and there is only one village there.

This would not be dissimilar to living in a crowded Hong Kong area, in that you would see the same small group of people over and over again. If you had this weird immune response, you’d end up in this weird situation.

If the media cared about the truth, they would include this research about getting double-infected with the flu in their hysterical articles about reinfection with coronavirus. But they do not care about the truth. They care only about promoting panic and hysteria among the population, to serve the devious purposes of the New World Order agenda.

Furthermore: if this reinfection is some major concern, that would also mean that the vaccine is unlikely to work.

The logical thing would be for the world to simply accept the existence of this virus as we do the flu and move on with our lives. The only reason we are not doing that is that a global agenda is being pushed.