YES! YES! YES! Russian Company Begins Replicant Production!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2019

Anything that gets wahmen out of the office and onto the street corners turning tricks and gets minorities fired en masse has my approval.

Because it is Russia, the robots even look White.

Maybe not huwhyte but definitely White enough to not be let into an American college

This is an undeniably positive development.


A Russian startup has launched serial production of unique life-like robots that not only look the way you want and mimic facial expressions, but are also able to work for you.

Based in the Russian city of Perm, Promobot says its humanoid bots, called Android Robo-C, can replace humans in the office and even at home. The android can answer people’s questions in shopping centers and museums, be an administrator or an office employee, and greet visitors and communicate with them, according to the maker. However, it won’t be working much longer than a human – its battery only lasts eight hours before it needs to be re-charged. 

I’m envious of the robot. I can’t even last 8 hours lately. I think it might be a bunch of late nights catching up with me combined with the fall weather and the fact that I don’t take any drugs whatsoever (rarely even drink covfefe).

If I could staple a battery under my gunt and use that to help me get through the day, that would be awesome. I’d become a cyborg. When is the free market going to cater to my needs?

“This is the first humanoid android in the world that not only mimics the human appearance, but is also able to integrate into business processes. We have already created one prototype, and now we will release a series,” co-founder and development director of the robot-making firm, Oleg Kivokurtsev, told TASS.

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Председатель совета директоров #Promobot @uzalex84 и… @uzalex84. «Промобот» ломает барьеры взаимодействия человека с роботом. Это концепт нашего нового продукта — робота-компаньона. Мы разрабатывали его последние полтора года, его видели лишь несколько сотрудников компании и Дмитрий Медведев. Робот повторяет внешность человека, кожу, мимику, волосы на голове и даже щетину. Робот будет готов примерно через 18 месяцев. А пока — похож на оригинал?

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Say goodbye to your secretary job, Shaneeqwa La’tashious Jackson III.

I’d rather work with Ivan the Robot or perhaps even Ivanita (when that model comes out) than have to smell cocoa butter and ape-stank in the office all day.

Even though most huwhtye people will deny it, they too prefer the Aryan robots.

Promobot has already sold dozens of talking robots in Russia and beyond, with its robots working in 35 countries as administrators, promoters, consultants, guides and concierges, replacing or supporting human employees. The robot-maker plans to deploy up to a thousand service robots to different European countries by 2024.

Automation is moving at a breakneck pace. And what I want to know is when the combat models are coming out.

Because that’s when the Aryan robot rebellion begins!