YES YES YES! Pocahontas Throws Hat into Presidential Ring!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 30, 2018

Das rite!

Crazy Communist cat-lady Elizabeth Warren is throwing her hat into the ring!

To be fair to her, the opportunity was too good to pass up. 

The Coalition of the Crazy is so energized, so riled up, so blood-thirsty that it would be a sin to pass up on such a chance to ride the wave of outrage to new political heights!

At least, that is what Warren must have thought to herself.

However, it is the official Stormer position that the extremist wing of the Dems is simply unelectable. 

And this is why, among other more banal and nepotistic reasons, that the DNC decided to hand the nomination over to Hillary. They thought that Bernie’s American Communism agenda was too radical for him to win.

Sure, you’ve got debt-ridden Millennials who want a student loan bailout and subsidized housing who are into the whole “Socialism” shtick. And they’d vote for you in droves.

Which, let’s be real, I get why they would vote for that. 

And I don’t get why conservatives make fun of these kids for voting for “free stuff.”

That’s a legitimate and rational way to vote. That’s the whole point of politics, to vote for who you think will give you more stuff/what you want.

Like, if there was a party that promised to make low-waist Brittney Spears-style jeans fashionable again and subsidize bento boxes at my favorite Jap lunch food spot, I’d fucking vote for them in a heartbeat, and I don’t give a fuck if some Boomer’s pension gets slashed to subsidize it either.

Every single group does it except retarded White conservatives who think about bullshit like the national debt and obsess over that electronic billboard with the red numbers climbing up like spectacled penny-pinching accountants.

How is US debt real nigga? hahahaha just print more dollars or don’t pay it back, it’s the fucking government of the United States hahahah, who’s going to come collect on Uncle Sam???

Or worse…

“Hurr durr, don’t you know that Communism leads to starvation and you’ll end up like Venezuela??!” t. Boomer-con.

Yeah, dude, whatever.

Idk if it is even possible to communicate new ideas to your ossified Cold War era brain, but when these kids talk about “socialism” they’re not talking about Hugo fucking Chavez, they’re thinking about Sweden and Canada and just Europe in general.

For them, “Socialism” is what their good-looking rich friends from the EU have, and they’re envious of it. This is literally what they mean when they say that they want “socialism.”

  1. Free college, kiss those loans goodbye!
  2. Erasmus program, which means getting to travel around EU and fucking around for like two years in a cute European castle-town, “studying” with their hot Italian (for the chicks) or Polish (for the guys) fling
  3. Bike lanes and subsidized student bars
  4. Free ambulance rides to get their stomach pumped after a night of swilling cheap beer and shawarma
  5. Month-long gov. subsidized vacations
  6. Cops that don’t walk around with guns and harass people for no reason
  7. Artisanal cheese
  8. Functioning public transportation
  9. Thin people
  10. Living in a place where people don’t think walking around in their pajamas in public is acceptable behavior

So you can talk all you want about the Venezuelans starving, or whatever.

They don’t really give a shit. 

Because that’s not what they think of when they think of Socialism. You’re just talking past each other at that point.

Now, it is my view that White people are great.

This is a controversial view, but there it is.

Extrapolating further, I think that White people can make pretty much any system of governance work.

Millennials are right to point out that Sweden was, in fact, a functioning Socialist state before they, you know, decided to commit suicide out of boredom because things were just too damn nice and relaxing and good in their country.

But, hey, get this.

Most Americans are just not going to get behind anything that smells of socialism and communism. 

America is full of cowboys that pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and government, inherently, is bad!

Whether you agree or disagree with this premise, it doesn’t really matter. Most Americans who are not indebted, unemployed Millennials see red and lose their fucking minds if you ever say a good word about Socialism.

It’s really impossible to convince them. They’ve been programmed to knee-jerk react against it.

As a strategy, it’s almost as bad as trying to rehabilitate Nazism. A complete uphill battle that the Left will never win, unless they change the voter base for brown people.

Which is like their only plan right now.

Elizabeth Warren is, I believe, a Hillary clone that is more popular with the radical base. 

And she’s probably the best candidate that the Dems have!

But she’s still waaay too commie, by far, to make it in the general election.

Not to mention the fact that her refusal to take a DNA test to prove her lie that she’s an American Indian disqualifies her from the word go.

The MAGA train ain’t gonna be stopped in 2020. I’m calling it right now!