YES! The New Wolfenstein Game Goes Full Swedist

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2017

Like many Millennials growing up in the 90s, I have fond memories of playing Wolfenstein 3D with friends.

Released in 1992 by id Software, Wolfenstein 3D was a first-person shooter in which you played a Polish spy named William Joseph “BJ” Blazkowicz, who escapes from the fictional Castle Wolfenstein in Germany and thwarts the Nazis’ plans for world domination.

Despite the game’s anti-Nazi narrative, I don’t remember any of us thinking less of Nazis after playing it. On the contrary, the Nazis – with their disciplined officers, vicious attack dogs and sophisticated Mecha-Hitler – seemed the epitome of cool.

If you want children to love Adolf Hitler, depict him like this.

After the release of Wolfenstein 3D, several other Wolfenstein games were made up until 2009 that maintained the spirit of the original: light-hearted, humorous and without a serious political agenda.

Unfortunately, since 2014, a Swedish company named MachineGames started developing all new Wolfenstein games.

Almost immediately, Wolfenstein became a more political IP. The games are still over-the-top and silly, but the developers started pumping pro-Jewish, pro-multicultural propaganda into them, which eclipsed their attempts at frivolity.

The people at MachineGames look exactly how you’d expect them to look.

So, when I watched the recently-released trailer for the upcoming Wolfenstein game, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, I wasn’t surprised to find that the developers have settled for nothing less than ABSOLUTE SWEDISM.

Seriously, watch the trailer for yourselves.

Yes, the Nazis are portrayed as blonde-haired freedom-haters who make life in 1960s America hell on Earth. Yes, the members of the anti-Nazi resistance movement look like they were recruited at a dysgenics convention.

And yes, a leader of that resistance movement is a strong, independent Negress whom the developers didn’t even bother to make semi-attractive.

In Wolfenstein II, the player literally chooses this America over the White one.

You never know, maybe some people will look at this trailer and think, “Yeah, the Nazis still look cool.”

And maybe they’re right.

But that’s definitely not MachineGames’ intentions. Under their control, Wolfenstein games have become politically-charged, AAA-budgeted productions. They’re anti-White to the core, and no self-respecting White Supremacist should support them with their hard-earned shekels.

[The same goes for their parent company, Bethesda, at this point. Just watch the beginning of their E3 presentation – Just to get an idea of where these people are coming from. -AA]