Yes, The FBI Seized Some Guy’s Lego Set

This isn’t fake news: The FBI seized a Lego set from a supposed “insurrectionist” who attended the 1/6 protest.

It was a Lego model of the Capitol building, and the FBI is apparently suggesting that the man was using this Lego set to plan his conspiracy. They decided they would study these Legos in order to get insight into his diabolical plan.

Agents of the FBI are not ashamed of being a joke.

That’s important.

There have been periods in history when the servants of the regime refused to cooperate with the plots of the elite, because these plots are seen as too gay or too stupid.

You will not have that in America. The American “guardian” class has been completely cleansed of anyone who would be willing to stand up against the ruling elite.

Anyone who doesn’t understand this yet is beyond help.

The FBI and most of the normal cops and military will do whatever they are told to do. They are no longer staffed with people who are capable of feeling shame.

They’re kinda like Bad Cop from the original Lego movie, actually.