YES: Swedish Comic Book Hero Fights Polish Nationalists with Fag Pride Flag

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2018

Remember Captain Sweden, the high-heeled superhero who fought the patriarchy, promoted LGBTP rights and saved maidens from Moslem rapists (by letting the Moslems rape him instead)?

Remember that he was supposed to shame Swedes, rather than inspire them?

Yeah… that’s not how it works up north.


The Swedish language version of the classic comic book hero ‘The Phantom’ has been mocked by a Polish broadcaster after an issue was released of the superhero beating up “Polish nationalists” with a gay pride flag.

The story occurs in the latest issue of Sweden’s Fantomen magazine which sees the Phantom, a popular superhero in Sweden who was created by United States comic book artists in 1936, attend a gay pride parade in Warsaw and attack “Polish nationalists” who protest the event, Aftonbladet reports.

Armed with a gay pride flag on a flagpole, the Phantom attacks the nationalists after declaring: “I have to act quickly before blood flows on the streets!”

Mikael Sol, editor of Fantomen, explained that the writer of the issue, Philip Madden, lives in Poland and based the story on trends he claimed to be going on inside the country.

“I thought it became a nice symbolism with the colourful flag, which stands for tolerance, against the colourless grey dressed villain who stands for intolerance. I understand clearly that the cover is controversial, but sometimes you have to feel comfortable and stand safe in your choice,” Sol said.

Sol said that he expected reactions to the issue and got one from Polish broadcaster Telewizja Republika whose English-language programme Poland Daily mocked the comic book in a video posted on Twitter.

Now that’s an interesting twist. While most of Fantomen’s staff are Eternal Swedes, the actual writer of the issue is none other than an Eternal Anglo.

Every. Single. Time.

That rubs me the wrong way, it does.

I mean, everyone knows that Sweden and the UK are competing for the title of “Europe’s Most Cucked Nation.” Whenever a Paki drives a van of peace though a crowd of Londoners, Sweden urges its Somalis to go a little wilder with the grenades. Whenever the UK bans another sharp weapon from the dinner table, Sweden forces more soldiers to piss sitting down.

The race really is tied at the moment, and an Englishman contributing to the Swedish side feels like cheating.

It’s not right, dammit.

Seriously though, it’s pretty sickening that the writer of the anti-Polish issue, Philip Madden, lives in Poland.

What sort of (white) person writes a comic about a superhero who attacks the people who were kind enough to let you live in their country?

Moreover, if Madden hates nationalism and “homophobia,” why is he living in one of the whitest and most traditional countries in Europe instead of his native England?

As usual, the motto for these hypocrites is “enrichment for thee, but not for me.”

It’s great that the Poles mocked this issue of Fantomen, but they should really kick its writer out of their country. Considering the destruction it has wrought upon Europe, Poland should have zero tolerance for his kind of politics – even if it is sugar-coated in comic book form.