Yes, Rayshard’s Death was a Homicide – Leave Wendy’s Alone!

Rayshard Brooks was a good boy and he didn’t do nothing. He was just on his way to see his children. Most black men who are murdered homicided by evil racist cops are on their way to visit their children.

At this point, every time I open the news I feel like I’m going to have a seizure. I just can’t hardly even take it anymore. It’s not the events themselves that bother me, it’s the media itself, and the fact that I know the sickening masses are believing this.

Today, the top story is that Rayshard Brooks’ death was a homicide.

Of course it was a homicide. He was shot. There is no death from shooting that is not a homicide. A death caused by another person is always a homicide.

This means absolutely nothing. The question here was never “did the cop kill him?”, the question was “was the cop justified in killing him after he drew a weapon on him?”

But the media is announcing “IT’S A HOMICIDE” as if the word “homicide” implies murder or guilt in some way. That’s the SINGLE reason they would make it a headline, because everyone who isn’t a retard already understood that it was a homicide.

But, you see, they know that the masses of people are much more familiar with television than they are with reality, and when they see this word they think of “homicide detective” in the shows.

A homicide detective in the shows is basically a “murder detective,” so in their minds, this means that the coroner has determined that this was a murder.

The Guardian has an image of the protesters under the headline.

The message being: “now they’ve really got something to protest about – this was a HOMICIDE!”

(Note: the other bit of confusion might surround the fact that there is an argument over whether or not George Floyd’s death was in fact a homicide, given that he had a heart attack while on both opioids and amphetamines and also had coronavirus. I obviously don’t think it was a homicide, given that homicide by heart attack is a very complicated charge in the first place and the drugs make it just ridiculous.)

If you don’t know the story of Rayshard, please read yesterday’s article on the topic, wherein we went through what actually happened leading up to the burning of the Wendy’s. After being found passed out drunk in a Wendy’s drive-thru, Rayshard attacked the cops, repeatedly, then ran from them, and when the cop was pursuing him, he turned around and drew a taser that he’d stolen from the cop during their wrestling match. The cop then shot him.

Here’s the full video.

I pointed out that the cop had no way of knowing that the taser wasn’t a gun, and you obviously don’t examine the gun when someone pulls a gun shaped object out and points it at you. Yesterday someone also pointed out that if the cop had simply allowed himself to be tased – which is literally what this mob is demanding, which is insane on a number of different levels – it would have been easy for Rayshard to come and take his gun and shoot him and the other cop.

It’s just incredible that we are having this discussion. Every single white person knows that if they attack a cop, they’re lucky if they get away with their life. This guy attacked the cops, then ran, then threatened them with a weapon – and they’re calling for the cop to be arrested!

As I’ve thought this through more, I think the level of insanity here is probably on purpose. I think they want to make it so there is no such thing as a “justified” homicide by the police – at least not of a black man. This entire campaign is about trying to “abolish the police,” which just means replacing the police with leftist footsoldiers, which they are going to call “social workers.” These people will also have guns. They will just be a different group of people. Because right now, the left has a problem in that even if they have total political control over a city, the cops still tend to be at least nominally right-wing.

Some of them are actually even good people.

I’m not a supporter of the cops, because they have proved that they’re willing to do outrageous things if the Democrats who are in charge of them tell them to. I lost any remaining sympathy for them when they went along with enforcing the coronavirus lockdown and arrested people for opening their stores or standing too close together. That said, these “social workers” that the DEMON-rats want to replace them with are going to be something right out of hell.

Basically, they’re going to be giving badges and guns to Antifa. That is where this is all going. “Abolish the police” does not mean allowing the citizen militias that I’ve been arguing for. It means turning Antifa into The People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs (NKVD).

I don’t know why I didn’t see this coming. It makes perfect sense. As Tucker Carlson recently pointed out, the Democrats no longer complain about the US military, because they now control the Pentagon – an unfortunate fact we recently saw on full display when the military refused a direct order from the President to police Washington, D.C. You don’t see Democrat-Jew media complaining about anything the US military does. Instead, they’re portrayed as freedom fighters, fighting against fascists like Assad and Putin.

They still complain nonstop about the police, because they’ve been unable to gain full control of this organization. This is the big push. So the media is moving to completely delegitimize all forms of police power, which means that they don’t care how insane this looks. They’re just going to push through, in unison, until they start replacing the cops with their “social workers.”

The city council of Minneapolis has already voted to do this.

Lisa Bender of the Minneapolis city council – who appears to be Jewish – said that anyone who wants to feel safe is a racist.

So that is the initial pitch: if you want to feel like you can call the police because someone is breaking into your home, you’re actually a racist and need to shut your filthy white mouth. They will later come out and say “well, some of our social workers will actually be armed, and be similar to the police we have now, though they will only be used as a last resort.”

Those armed social workers are all going to be pulled from Antifa.

The violence that Antifa already engages in is all about power. Their whole thing with ACAB (“all cops are bastards”) is about them wanting that power for themselves. This stuff about “anarchy” will all disappear when they get that taste of authority over their ideological enemies.

Furthermore, the thing about not policing the blacks is real. They are going to stop doing that. So if the blacks decide they want to kill you, kidnap your wife or daughter and rape her before slitting her throat, that will not be investigated. Their anti-white ideology is going to be state policy – even more than it already is, as they will choose which laws to enforce and who to enforce them against.

This is what is happening.

You need to get out of the city if you can, or prepare a way to get out of the city. If you have a group of friends, consider trying to get together to purchase a piece of land in the countryside. You don’t have to move there now, you can just go on the weekends and get the place set up. You can buy land without any form of shelter, and you can either get a camper or trailer, or use tents while you build your own Indian-style enclosure.

Spending the weekends on a rural plot of land and building your shelter will be very good for you psychologically. If you have family or friends who will do this with you, you’re going to have a great experience that will give purpose to your life.

You can build a swimming pool to hide your underground house.

No, I’m just joking, skip the swimming pool – that is decadent and absurd. But build the underground house. Or build something simpler. You can easily do the research of what kind of DIY housing you can build on the type of property you have and get step-by-step instructions from YouTube.

It’s something I need to write more about. I’ve spent a good deal of time living in the woods myself, though it was primarily in a much warmer climate. Chickens that lay eggs are a very good food solution, and if you have an acre, you can produce a whole lot of food. Acreage outside of the city is very cheap, and if you buy land that is difficult to access – i.e., you have to part your truck and walk for an hour to get to it – it’s much cheaper and it will actually be more useful in a situation of total collapse.

Anyway – that’s an issue for later that needs to be covered in detail. Right now, just understand that they are planning to give guns and badges to Antifa, that is the plan, it is now unfolding before us, and you need to plan your life based on that. These people will have access to extreme spying technology, they will find out who you are, and they will come for you if they can.