Yes, New York Times… Talking About Impeachment will Win the Election…

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 25, 2018

Is that kike a tranny?

I live in a continual state of fear that some day the Jews are going to realize I’m right about everything I ever say, and start reading this site and doing the opposite of what I want them to do.

I have to remind myself that they will never do that, because they are Jews, and Jews can only function on instinct – not data.

New York Times:

Democrats in Washington are wary of any talk about impeaching President Trump, but in this swing district in North Carolina, Janis Silverman is feeling no such constraints. A 72-year-old retired teacher, Ms. Silverman wrote to her congressman Tuesday to demand the House start impeachment proceedings.

“President Trump shows no respect for our laws or the Justice Department,” she wrote to Representative Robert Pittenger, a Republican, the day that Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump’s former personal lawyer, accused him of illegally arranging to pay hush money to influence the 2016 election.

“For me it was liberating,” Ms. Silverman said of Mr. Cohen’s characterization of Mr. Trump’s involvement. “My view is that he’s directly linked with criminal behavior.”

A Jew felt liberated by the Jewish betrayal of Donald Trump.

Yet Dan McCready, a politically centrist Iraq War veteran who is the Democratic nominee for the House seat here, has shown little appetite to talk about impeachment. On his campaign website and Twitter account and in public remarks, he focuses on supporting businesses, teachers and Social Security.

This goy doesn’t understand his Jewish base.

A chasm has opened in recent days between Democratic voters, who want to see Mr. Trump impeached or held to some political accounting, and Democratic candidates and strategists nationally, who view the “I word” as a red cape that will inflame the Republican base and possibly hurt their chances of taking control of the House. Talk of impeachment sprang readily and without apology to the lips of Democratic voters in interviews this week.

I think that perhaps the “chasm” may be between the New York Times and the Jews they interview and reality itself.

But please, do go on.

Finessing the question of impeachment is especially delicate in battlegrounds like North Carolina’s Ninth Congressional District, which favored Mr. Trump over Hillary Clinton by 12 percentage points in 2016. The seat has been Republican for decades, but Democrats think Mr. McCready can win it in November by focusing on his centrist message and his military bona fides (his new campaign ad opens with him in fatigues and a flak jacket).

Representative Nancy Pelosi, the minority leader, and other top Democrats advised the party’s candidates this week, in a memo and a conference call, to speak not of impeachment, but of a “culture of corruption” under Mr. Trump, for which a Democratic House would be a check.

Point being: yes.

Top NYT story is bullying Democratic politicians – mainly the shiksa Nancy – to stop trying to not impeach Trump over this porno payment.

These people have entirely lost the plot, and somehow Nancy is the sole voice of reason.

It doesn’t really matter either way, because the NYT controls the news cycle and people hear a lot more news than Nancy.

Trump clearly understands that impeachment is a great talking point – for Republicans.

The people who like the impeachment rhetoric are already going to go vote in the election. Republicans, however, who are not paying much attention to politics but hear these people saying “impeachment” are going to be a lot more likely to go bother voting than if they hadn’t heard that. Because of the economy and so on.

Democrats who care about the economy are going to be less likely to vote the more they say this. Because Trump is right – everyone would be poor.

This is Jews in full view: destroying themselves out of hatred for their racial nemesis.