Yes, Millennials are Getting a Second Chance

I recently wrote a piece about how millennials, a generation of completely failed losers, are getting a second chance, as the slate is wiped clean by the coronavirus hoax.

I said: whether or not you worked to make a career or didn’t doesn’t matter anymore, because even those who did everything right are getting fired from their jobs for refusing the vax (and even those who submit are going to have everything taken from them by the upcoming economic collapse).

A reader wrote in response:

I am millennial that has an intact family, a father who taught me how to work and is a great role model, grew up in the country, got many skills before I graduated high school, and got a high paying job (relative to other millennials, anyway) that I could retire from with great benefits. All that to say I did pretty much everything as right as I or anyone else could. Probably a top 5% performer of my generation.

This past week the vaxx mandate came out at my place of work, so I started looking for other jobs. While other companies are not mandating the vaxx (yet anyway) the majority of their clients do require it. This means that the skill that I have focused on developing over the past ten years are effectively worthless, at least in this area.

Now, I will just find something else to do to get my family through the winter and figure something out in the spring. So, weather you are a worthless or worthwhile millennial, we are all getting fucked.

Millennials all need to consider this.

You are being given a clean slate by the vax system.

You can start over, if you want, in this new world.

Or, you can continue to be totally failed losers.

I tend to think that the millennials who were losers before the vax will be the ones who fail to resist the system, and the ones who worked hard and built something for themselves by learning skills (the 1%) will be the ones who figure out how to deal with the new vax system, and survive it.

But you can prove me wrong.

This is an equalizing event for everyone who does not want the vax. No reasonable person is going to take this vax. Anyone who doesn’t take this vax is on the same level as anyone else who doesn’t take this vax.

You all have a chance to build a new future for yourselves, in the post vax world.

This is a gift horse.

Don’t look at its mouth, it finds that offensive.

Continue to make eye contact with this gift horse, and figure out a new solution to your life.

After all of these years, you have a chance to take personal responsibility for your life instead of continuing to blame your personal failures on your parents.

You have a chance to become an adult.