Yes, I’m Aware These Recent Articles are Not Peak Stormer – That Situation Won’t Last Forever

The Daily Stormer (formerly Tranny Watch) will celebrate its 9th anniversary next year. In that time, I’ve never taken a day off of work. Literally, I never took a day off. I say “I take Christmas off,” but actually I always write a Christmas day post, so I’m not really “off.”

I can’t take a vacation due to the nature of the thing. Plus, honestly, I don’t really want a vacation.

However, right now, I’m on the closest thing to a vacation I can do, which is kind of “dialing it in” in terms of the articles. You get the news – and I think you get all of the news – but you don’t get the kind of commentary and analysis that the site is best known for. Instead of working 10-12 hours a day, I’m working a more relaxed schedule.

This has been going on for a little bit, as you may or may not have noticed, and it will go on for a little while longer. But of course, it won’t go on forever. Soon enough, we’ll be back to the long and vitriolic diatribes that we’re so known for.

Frankly, the whole coronavirus thing has taken a lot out of me, personally. Not the actual regulations themselves, but having been forced to sit here and “predict” (i.e., explain) every aspect of this hoax, point by point, and then watch it happen exactly as I said it would happen.

If it were not for the censorship, I could have singlehandedly prevented all of this, as everything that I was saying was just so obvious, and the only reason people didn’t know it is because they weren’t ever exposed to someone saying it.

Things are obviously going to get a whole lot worse, probably pretty quickly. We are entering into the Dark Winter. This already began last week with the dawn of the Omicron Virus Hoax. I’m going to need energy to deal with that, so I’m taking the time off now.


Some people noted that I missed my annual Thanksgiving post. That was only partially on purpose, as I was doing some things with loved ones. But I also didn’t really have the energy. I can be thankful for Jesus, thankful that I am washed in the blood of the lamb. I can be thankful for my work, thankful for the struggle. But it is difficult to note anything else I’m thankful for.

I’ve just go this:

I am thankful my blood is pure.

Purebloodedness is the core of my identity now, and I will die with my blood pure.

Some of you may have taken the vax, and I literally believe you are lower than an insect. I don’t care what your excuses are – you sacrificed your soul to Satan. And you can’t take that back. It’s gone. You are below contempt, and I’ll be glad when you’re dead.

But to the rest of you: you are my brothers, and I always want you to remember: we are all in this struggle together, and we will come through it together, one way or another, and many of us will live to see a better world. Those of us who die before that – well, we shall all meet up in the Elysian Fields. For all of us who have resisted this – we are heroes. No time in history have people ever been more pressured to do anything than we are now. They are taking everything from us, and yet we remain, unbroken and unbowed.

This is what you have to remember, above all else: this will not last forever.

Things are going to get better.

They’re going to get a lot worse before they get better.

And you need to be ready for that.

But you will be rewarded. You will be rewarded.

Everything is happening exactly as it was supposed to happen.

These people who succumbed to the vax had to be cleansed from this mortal plane. We needed them out of the gene pool.

With every coward who takes the vax, we are building a new, stronger race.