Yes, Hunters are the Number One People That Care About the Environment

Liberals are totally incapable of processing any kind of information that does not fit into very specific boxes in their brains, even when the thing is as plain as the nose on a Jew’s face.

Liberals believe that hunting is evil because animals are people. Also, even though they are urbanite scum of the earth, liberals support environmentalism because they think trees are people.

So, in their minds, they cannot grasp that a hunter would be the number one person who cares about the environment, no matter how obvious that might seem to anyone. Because ideology blocks out the obvious in their disastrous brains.

Daily Mail:

A big game shooter who proudly posed with the dead carcasses of giraffes, elephants and rhinos has been hired to be a state government conservationist.

Jewell Crossberg was recently appointed acting district manager of the Western Australian Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions in Esperance, on the state’s south coast.

A Facebook album titled ‘business and pleasure’ has surfaced showing Mr Crossberg standing over dead giraffes, rhinos and zebras he’s shot at South African game reserve in 2010.

In one photo, Mr Crossberg kneels down next to the corpse of a giraffe with a rifle in one hand.

The head of the dead animal rests over his knee while Mr Crossberg smiles for the camera.

Mr Crossberg is also seen posing with a dead zebra in one photo, and grinning behind a felled elephant in another one.

The album has since sparked outrage and calls have been made for Mr Crossberg to be removed from his role in the conservation department.

Mr Crossberg will be acting as the Parks and Wildlife manager in Esperance where he will be responsible for looking after the wildlife and natural assets in the district.

Though an online petition has called for him to be removed from the position.

‘A man for sees [sic] no issue with hunting endangered and threatened species should not be in a role protecting Australia’s native flora and fauna, as he clearly lacks the judgement to do so, despite the photos being taken at a South African Hunting lodge, where such hunts are legal,’ the petition reads.

The petition quotes a letter from concerned citizens of Esperance, calling for immediate action against Mr Crossberg.

‘We the citizens of Esperance are very concerned about the recent appointment of Jewell Crossberg,’ the letter reads.

‘We think the director Jason Foster has made a very bad judgement call.

‘We are so disappointed to see Mr Crossberg is not a true conservationist and shouldn’t be in a position of this standing.’

“Crossberg” is the funniest name. Every time you see “berg” in a name, you think, “is this person Jewish?” But with that one it’s like, “oh wait, lol.”

Big game hunting is whatever. I don’t necessarily support it. Ever since I read a biography of Ernest Hemingway, I’ve thought that it was the kind of thing people who have issues with their masculinity do to boost their self-esteem. I can of course totally see wanting to go hunt in Africa, but specifically going to these parks to kill specific large animals seems a bit weak. But I don’t think it’s a big deal if people want to go do it. They are not endangering anything. That is a goofy meme from Captain Planet or something. These animals are the property of the parks that house them, and the blacks are going to kill them and sell them if you don’t pay to shoot them.

This all having been said, I would never question the love for nature of anyone who would go do this.

Have you read The Snows of Kilimanjaro?

It’s really actually a piece of crap, but the guy loved nature.

If you’re urban trash and you want to know more about this issue, listening to a few of the Joe Rogan interviews with hunters would probably work for you. Watch this Steven Rinella show.

You can get a sense of how a person can be masculine and right-wing and also care about the environment.

Or, if you want to go to the hard stuff, read Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto.

But I mean, come on: hunters actually are in the nature. For a liberal, nature is all just theoretical, and they care about it because they have nothing sacred in their lives, and nature feels vaguely sacred to them.