Yes, “BLM Kidnapping” is an Appropriate Name for What Happened in Chicago

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 6, 2017

The filthy Jewish media is flipping the hell out about people calling the Facebook livestreamed black-on-white kidnapping and torture event in Chicago the #BLMKidnapping.

VICE News:

Huffington Post:




To spare you the trouble of reading any of those articles, here’s the tl;dr:

“They weren’t official members of any BLM group, meaning this has nothing to do with BLM. White people just want to blame all black crime on BLM.”

Deray himself tried to distance himself (without disavowing, of course).

But again.

Let’s play the “races reversed” game one more time.

Imagine if white kids had kidnapped and tortured a black person and were recorded beating him while screaming “rare pepe!” and “dank memes!” – the media would say this was an “Alt-Right kidnapping” regardless of whether or not they were official members of any group.

And the thing here is – we don’t blame all black-on-white crime on BLM. I personally don’t do that, or even think they are related. Most black-on-white crime has to do with money, sexual desire, or just generalize non-political hatred for whites.

Because yes, of course there are a lot of black people who don’t care about BLM and just hate white people and so rob them, kill them, rape them, whatever.

However, this was different, as they were shouting “fuck Donald Trump” along with “fuck white people.” And the only blacks who have made some issue out of Donald Trump are Black Lives Matter blacks. Most blacks, as we’ve seen, are uninterested in Donald Trump. I have not seen a single black that is not at least peripherally affiliated with BLM that has spoken out against Donald Trump, nor have I seen any normie black protest/riot against him.

And so though we don’t know that this attack was technically directly related BLM, it inspired by the exact same ideology that BLM represents, and is a result of the exact same factors which have resulted in BLM. That is, the politicization of black hatred for the white race.

The entire BLM movement is about using a political face – that is to say, complaining about non-existent institutional injustices – to justify and to amplify black racial animosity towards whites. And because of that, random black-on-white crime is now becoming more organized and directed black-on-white crime.

The spirit of BLM was entirely embodied in this act.

As such, “BLM Kidnapping” is an appropriate name for the event.

And it’s going to be very, very hard for the BLM movement to get past this.

We have entered a new age. Nothing is going to be the same from this point on.

The “conversation about race” just got real.