Yes, Black People are Racist Against Whites

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 25, 2016

Here’s another one of those “social experiment” videos that is allowed to demonstrate a hatefact under the guise of viral YouTubing.

In the video, a White guy and a Black guy each go up to the same Blacks and ask to borrow their phones, and the Black is allowed and the White not.

In several of the setups, after the White is denied the phone and the Black is given the phone, the White comes back and says “hey why’d you let him use your phone and not me?” And the Blacks respond “man cause I don’t know you.”

Very interesting response. They feel that they “know” a random Black stranger.

This is of course totally natural. Studies have proven that you automatically feel a closeness to someone with similar genetics.

PNAS did a study in 2014 showing that people choose their friends based on genetic similarity. You can probably look around at your own friend circle and see that not only are you the same race, you have similar features, behaviors and (this would mostly be an issue in America) ethnic backgrounds.

People also tend to marry those with similar DNA. This explains the phenomenon of men having different “tastes” in women, as well as the fact that more than likely, if you feel strongly about a girl, she is likely to feel the same about you.

Along with this, babies are naturally “racist” in that they are inclined to only feel comfortable around people with similar genetics.

So it’s perfectly natural to be a lot more inclined to help out a person of similar genetics. The problem is that White people are brainwashed to suppress their basic biological nature and treat all races equal, while everyone else is allowed to band together and promote group interests.