Yes, All Women

You can watch this video to get an idea of the standard behavior of a white woman.

You can then say “yeah but not all white women act like that.”

But they do all act just that insane. It’s just that the insanity takes different forms, and expresses itself at different times, with different triggers.

There is no such thing as a “logical woman,” and there is no such thing as an “emotionally stable woman.” They are all unhinged, and they will become as unhinged as they believe is beneficial based on mental processes in their brains that do not make any sense.

The only solution to the woman problem is for men to once again – as they did all throughout human history – have full and unquestioned control over their behavior.

Until that happens, this is just going to keep getting weirder, and women are going to continue to become more and more dangerous.

I don’t know if some stupid anti-Christ whore or worm simp made that meme or if it was made by a Christian, but it doesn’t matter: it is a Christian meme, which tells a Christian fact, from Paul the Apostle, the first and most important scholar of the words and works of Our Lord Jesus.

If society is to function, women need to be silent. They need to be told to be silent, they need to be taught to be silent, and if they refuse to be silent, then they need to be physically forced to be silent.

That is the only way any society is ever going to work.

Women are the daughters of Eve, the first sinner, the stupid bitch who thought it was a smart idea to take the advice of a talking snake against the commandments of the Creator of the Universe.

eve garge

They are all still just that dumb, and you can’t trust them any further than poor Adam could trust her.

You need to remember this: nothing that comes out of that bitch’s mouth ever means anything. Period.

You can let her talk, but don’t try to respond to it as if it has any meaning. Just remain calm. Don’t let her rile you up. Always remain calm.

Just remember: every woman is the woman in the above TikTok video. If she tells you she is trad, or she is right-wing, or she is this or that or whatever, all she is doing is the same thing as that TikTok BLM woman is doing: she is attempting to play an angle. That is all their words ever are. They play angles to their own benefit.

Maybe she finds a group of right-wing men who don’t have many women around, and realizes this is a good angle to play. Maybe she finds a specific right-wing man who she is attracted to (or not) and thinks she can play for her purposes. But that is all the words that come out of her mouth ever are: some kind of play for her own purposes, which have nothing to do with the words themselves.

The TikTok BLM woman could just as easily be screaming “NIGGER” at some filthy homeless crackhead at the bus station. They do not have beliefs. All they have is self-interest, and they understand that men value words to communicate ideas, so they exploit this male nature and appreciation for words for their own purposes, which are always their own purposes. They do not have morality, they do not have altruism, and their only purpose is to smile, giggle, produce food, clean things, and make babies.

Don’t ever try to make a woman understand you. Don’t ever, ever, ever open up to her or tell her your feelings. She will always, always, always use that to hurt you. First, first, first, first, first: do not EVER tell her any feeling you ever had towards your mother. Never. No matter what. She will take that and she will use it like a razorblade to cut your heart into little tiny pieces, and then she will call the cops when you do the only logical thing and bust her teeth out, and then you will go to prison. (Obviously, that is the extreme version, but some version will take place, as you all know.)

In fact: don’t ever tell her how you feel about anything. Keep all of those emotions inside you, or find some man you trust to share them with.

John Wayne, kid.

You’re John Wayne now.

Do not ever do anything John Wayne wouldn’t do.