Yelp: 60% of Temporarily Closed Restaurants Now Permanently Closed

In other news, your temporary locked down life is now permanently locked down.


It’s tough out there for restaurants and other small businesses.

Yelp’s Economic Average report out Wednesday shows exactly how tough: 60 percent of the 26,160 temporarily closed restaurants on the business review site as of July are now permanently shut. Temporary closures are dropping, and permanent shutdowns are increasing.

Yelp’s previous report in April found that more than 175,000 total businesses were closed in some capacity. Just under 25 percent of those closed businesses have reopened three months later. For restaurants in particular, this is becoming the way it goes. Yelp noted a 23-percent increase in permanent restaurant closures from only a month ago. Bars and clubs are also closing forever at high rates: 44 percent (as of July) of 5,454 temporarily shuttered bars and other nightlife establishments are shut for good.

Imagine the lives destroyed, just in the restaurant industry.

Imagine the government did this on purpose, for a hoax.

These people knew what they were doing.

Many of the people in the media knew what they were doing.

I talked to people in the right-wing media who knew what they were doing.

These people should all be held accountable for this.