Yellow Vests Apocalypse: Military Units Deployed, Police Head Wants to Use Live Rounds

Daily Stormer
March 22, 2019

So last weekend lots of stuff was happening and it was easy to gloss over the yellow vests protests because at this point it has almost become a routine. Week after week they turn multiple French cities to gridlock, destroy ZOG property, and generally cause all kinds of trouble.

But the important thing to understand is that last weekend they set a bank on fire, and provoked all kinds of hell from the ZOG machine as a consequence.

By “set a bank on fire” I’m not saying they threw a molotov at it and burned the doors. A group of protestors took hold of the blocks surrounding it, set it on fire, and prevented the advancement of fire services until the entire interior was turned to burning embers and ash, beyond any recoverability.

It’s not about money. It’s about sending a message. Everything burns.

This category of permanent destruction of Jewish infrastructure had not happened before. It was the central branch of Banque Tarneaud in Paris. Banque Tarneaud is one of the oldest banks of France, and owned by Societe Generale. SG is a massive banking conglomerate that is the core of Jewish financial subversion. It is intimately tied into Macron’s establishment, and gives Macron’s associates massive, multimillion dollar contracts. They lashed out at the wicked finance Jew and wounded one of his many tentacles. The Jew is finally personally bleeding from a wound inflicted by populist rage. He thus marshals his forces for massive retaliation.

Firstly, military units are going to be deployed on the streets of Paris with the job of putting down protestors.


The government appeals to the army. The Sentinel military anti-terrorist mission will be mobilized as reinforcements next Saturday as part of the demonstrations of yellow vests to protect official buildings and other “fixed points”, said Wednesday the government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux.

Secondly, there’s a new sheriff in town, replacing the previous prefet of police. He’s a real bugman looking motherfucker. Who knows what kind of dirt they have on him and what he’s willing to do. I do know if I saw him on the prison yard I’d immediately make assumptions about him involving pizza.

He was openly referencing a French statesmen who ordered the shooting of striking workers in 1908. “Clemenceau’s hand never trembled when it came to defending France,” he states. He is very clearly stating he intends to kill the yellow vests. Clemenceau opposed any kind of strike and protest with lethality. The French quickly recognized the right to strike after his departure, and it is something of a French tradition.

On the other side, we have the French people. In a new Atlantico poll, 39% of them now support a revolution over legal reforms. In contrast Spain, with an economy on its face far worse than France and an entire Catalonian state wishing to secede, reports such a sentiment from only 13% of the population. France has become the revolutionary seat of Europe. Even more interesting is the demography of the poll’s affirmative voters. 50% of those actively working as employees support a revolution– indicating the support for violent change is endemic far more to those with a job than not. 43% of independent artisans and traders also support the revolution. And the French right-wing is more energetic on the prospect of a revolution than the left. 73% of Le Pen voters support it. 69% of those behind the French equivalent to Nigel Farage. This is compared to 60% of the far left-wing. This is certainly a revolution of the right wing.

There’s something simmering underneath many events of the past year. From a guy hijacking a plane to do a barrel roll and fly it into the ground, to Tarrant’s terrorist mosque massacre and normal everyday people showing enthusiastic support for it, to the yellow vests lighting the streets of their nation’s cities aflame. Whites everywhere are looking at the sum of society that the Jews have built to contain them and decided it is unbearable. That they would much rather die or spend the rest of their lives in prison over dealing with it. Some of them might not be wise to the Jewish question, or really understand much of anything about how the world works. But they know enough that they live in it, and that Jewish civilization is rotten to the core and brings them despair.

We are all now living in civilizations where refusing to let Jewish doctors sterilize your kid with hormones and mutilate their genitals will get all your kids taken away. Where people work long hours and don’t fill anyone’s pockets but Jeff Bezos’, who then blows billions of dollars on a dog-faced Mexican hooker. Where bureaucracy and regulation chokes the life out of our families and businesses. Where children are systematically exposed to pornography and will never once in their life read classical poetry. Where we still struggle in hopes to one day earn six figures like our grandfathers did– with the currency’s value being abysmally slashed. Where women run amok and take the life savings and children of good and decent men. We all know there’s no future in this Jewish system, and in my homeland of America countless lives are now lost as people turn to fentanyl and kill themselves in despair.

But the French did not turn to fentanyl. They went out and organized what increasingly looks like a pogrom. With four in every ten french backing a violent revolution, success appears highly likely. I also do not know if their revolution will not get hijacked by the left, who are also amusingly rioting against the same Jewish bankers and Jewish politicians that the right is. We don’t know what is going to happen, but surely it is happening.

This Saturday will mark the first act with these new agents of tyranny introduced. We may see corpses, or it could be a bluff on Macron’s part. I would personally advise right-wingers in France to stay home in case there is significant bloodletting. If there’s something we learned in America, tactically getting your guys off the streets when the risk is highest was highly effective. It lead to a frothing-at-the-mouth legal system accusing the multiracial civic fraternity of the Proud Boys, with dozens of hispanic and black members and a leader that sticks things in his ass on camera for the Jews, being indicted as white nationalists simply because they were the only guys left on the streets. Obviously the consequences this weekend could be much higher, and I’d certainly not like to see any of you eat bullets.

If you are going to conduct any operations this weekend, you should consider doing them covertly, under cover of night, without the trademark yellow vest on. Let the crowds play as a distraction to whatever things you might want to accomplish.

Things are about to come to a head in France. The establishment appears to have exhausted its patience and wishes that no more of its precious banks are burned to the ground. We’re likely to see a rapid deterioration of things there now.