Yeah, You’re Not Allowed to Bring Loaded Guns on Airplanes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2018

I don’t understand why anyone would think it was a good idea to try and bring a loaded gun in a carry-on bag in the airport.

Maybe exactly 17 years ago today you would have thought “meh, they won’t check it.”

But since 9/11, everyone knows that airport security is insane.

And this isn’t like, a teenager.

How fucked up does your brain have to be to think this is a reasonable decision?

Fox News:

Actor David Henrie, who starred alongside Selena Gomez on the Disney show “Wizards of Waverly Place,” has reportedly been arrested after authorities found a loaded gun among his belongings at an airport.

According to TMZ, Henrie was going through a TSA screening at Los Angeles International Airport Monday morning when agents reportedly discovered an M&P Shield 9mm pistol that was loaded. He was immediately detained and then taken to a nearby police station, the outlet reports.

Nice gun.

CCW gun.

Later on Monday, Henrie took to Twitter to apologize, saying that he was “humiliated” and “embarrassed.”

“I take responsibility for the situation at LAX today,” the 29-year-old actor wrote. “I unintentionally brought my legally owned gun which is registered in my name to the airport. I am so sorry for any trouble it caused, but I am appreciative of TSA’s efforts in implementing the safety laws that are in place to protect our beautiful country.”

He continued: “More than anything I am humiliated and embarrassed that this even happened. But I am thankful to the TSA, LAPD and all involved today for their kindness and their professionalism during this process.”

Man just man wow man.

The TSA was kind and professional?

Are you joking me?

It’s all low IQ irate brown people and used up women who are always filled with hatred.

It sure is something to get arrested for bringing a loaded gun on a plane and then just get let go though, huh?

I don’t know how that even happened. This guy is not famous. I’ve never heard of him. I guess maybe he is still under some kind of contract with Disney, and they wanted their guy out apologizing on Twitter.

You gotta think, you carry a loaded gun through TSA, it’s gotta be $250,000 in legal fees up front to just walk out of the police station. I have absolutely nothing to base that on, but that’s what I would guess.

Just So You Know

You actually can carry a gun on a plane if you check it.

I guess this guy was just like really messed up on drugs or whatever. I can’t imagine he was planning to shoot the plane up. But I also can’t imagine how high you have to be to think you can get a handgun through TSA. I guess maybe he grabbed the wrong bag leaving his house or something.