Yeah So, Color Revolution in Kazakhstan Now

Really surprised this one took this long to get rolling.

This is a pretty smart play by NATO, creating this whole other crisis while Putin is focused on the Ukraine situation.


Protesters have breached the presidential residence in Almaty and set fire to the inside, as Kazakhstan’s former capital and some other key cities remain gripped by unrest due to anger over a hike in fuel prices.

The building has fallen into the hands of the demonstrators, local media reported, adding that gunshots were heard outside the compound.

Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev wasn’t present, however, as he’s currently working from the country’s capital, Nur-Sultan.

The building in question is known as the ‘old residence’, as the head of state was based there before the Kazakh capital was moved to Nur-Sultan (formerly known as Astana) in 1997. However, the compound, located in the government district, maintains its official status.

Earlier on Wednesday, the mob made its way into the mayor’s office and several other government buildings in the city, which is home to two million people. Clashes have been taking place in various parts of Almaty, with reports of some protesters using firearms against the military and police.

The authorities have again addressed the public, claiming that Almaty has “come under new attacks by extremists and radicals.” They called upon those who had taken to the streets to disperse, insisting that their “main goal was to avoid further escalation of violence.”

The dramatic events in the second city prompted authorities in the capital to declare a state of emergency on Wednesday. Tensions have also been running high in other areas of the country.

I have no idea why Russia hasn’t done a better job in strengthening its satellites and preventing this sort of thing.

Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, now Kazakhstan.

Hard to say it wasn’t predictable!

The Kazakh president has vowed a crackdown. He shut off the internet, which is smart move #1.

But I mean… even without the CIA agitprop flowing in, these things can spin out of control pretty quickly.

From the videos, it looks like the spinning has already begun.

The globalists had to make a move, with the recent loss of their key leadership.

This was a smart move.

It was a painfully obvious move, but I guess it shows that someone at NATO has some kind of sense.

If this isn’t fixed quickly, this is a big, big problem for Russia.