Yeah But There Aren’t Any Black Film Critics Tho Because They Can’t Read or Write

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2018

Plus sized actress Brie Larson is starring in the new Marvel film, which is sure to be an innovative wild ride. And she wants to know what niggers think. 

We all want more niggers to review films.

It’s universal.

Everyone I talk to, I come up and say “hey dude, what’s up, how’s your day?” and they’re like “yeah, it’s okay, but it’d be a lot better if there were more niggers reviewing films.”

The problem is that niggers are illiterate.

USA Today:

Brie Larson is demanding more diversity in film reviews.

The future “Captain Marvel” star used her platform Wednesday night at the Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards to drive home new statistics highlighting the dearth of women and minority film critics.

In 2017, only 2.5 % of top critics in 2017 were women of color, she noted.

“I don’t need a 40-year-old white dude to tell me what didn’t work about A Wrinkle in Time,” said Larson. “It wasn’t made for him! I want to know what it meant to women of color, biracial women, to teen women of color.”

Larson clarified: “Am I saying I hate white dudes? No, I am not. What I am saying is if you make a movie that is a love letter to women of color, there is an insanely low chance a woman of color will have a chance to see your movie, and review your movie.”

No one hates white dudes.

We just want to replace them all with niggers.

That is one of the main reasons we need more money for them programs – we have to teach niggers to read so they can replace white people in all of these jobs.

Captain Marvel, an innovative wild ride from the creative and original company Disney, is due out in March, 2019.

But while you’re waiting for that, there are 17 other Marvel movies coming out in the next year, which are sure to be exciting and original wild rides. You can also look forward to 11 Star Wars films being released before Christmas by the innovative studios of Disney studios, where creativity and innovation are remarkable.

Hopefully, Disney can also commit some of the profits from these films to them programs to teach niggers to read, so that by the time Captain Marvel is released, a bunch of niggers can write reviews of it.

Coming in Spring of 2019 from Disney Studios: Nigger learns to type words on a computer.

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