Yanukovych to Hold Press Conference from Russia Tommorrow

Daily Stormer
February 27, 2014

Still the President.
Still the President.

Saying he is still the President of the Ukraine – which is true – Yanukovych is planning to hold a press conference tomorrow from Russia, where he has fled.

Meanwhile, the Jews in Kiev are accusing him of stealing $70 billion.

From Kyiv Post:

Aside from the murder charges involving the deaths of nearly 100 protests, Arseniy Yatseniuk — confirmed in parliament as Ukraine’s new prime minister — accused Yanukovych of stealing as much as $70 billion from Ukraine in the last three years.

“I, Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych, am addressing the people of Ukraine. I still believe myself to be the legitimate head of the Ukrainian state elected in a free vote by Ukrainian citizens,” said the writes address obtained by Interfax and other news agencies on Feb. 27.

The Kyiv Post could not independently confirm the authenticity of the statement.

However, citing a Russian government source, Interfax news service reported that Yanukovych is being provided safe haven in Russia. “Considering that President Yanukovych has appealed to the Russian authorities to ensure his personal security, I am informing you that this request has been granted on the territory of the Russian Federation.”

Yanukovych, impeached by parliament on Feb. 22 for abandonment of presidential duties and gross human rights violations, said asked Russian authorities to ensure his personal security.

Rather than addressing his alleged crimes, Yanukovych’s statement cited threats against him and his allies. “Threats of reprisals are coming to me and my associates. I have to ask the authorities of the Russian Federation to ensure my personal security from extremists’ actions,” Yanukovych said in the statement.

The Jews in charge
The Jews in charge