Yang Yinged: A Dumb End to a Stupid Meme

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 12, 2020

Andrew Yang has jumped ship, quitting the Democrat nomination contest after last night’s primary in New Hampshire.

Looking back on 2019, we must all agree to recognize that the Yang Gang meme was the dumbest of any meme, possibly ever. Never forget the people who promoted that meme longer than a week, for they truly are the lowest form of scum.

It was kind of funny to begin with, because an autistic Chinaman, who was obviously a spy, was trying to bribe voters.

I think my own memes were the funniest Yang memes.

But like “Old Town Road,” the good idea of a $1,000 a month quickly got old.

Then Yang refused to make the pink hats, for literally no reason other than the media saying that skin-hating Nazis liked them. Then he disavowed white people for some reason. He even went so far as to go on with the slimy little Jew rat Ben Shapiro and tell him he supported mutilating the penises of infant children.

I don’t even know how he got 3% in New Hampshire on Tuesday, but at least he didn’t do some dumb thing, and dropped out after he said he was going to drop out.

I’m not sure who the people who hung around thinking about Andrew Yang are, but I’m certain they were not his natural constituency, which was right-wing white men. Basically, everyone who isn’t a white man is getting $1,000 a month from the government already.

Chinese spies should remember:

  • White people can’t tell the difference between Asians and will assume Chinese people are anime characters, giving them instant charisma.
  • Lean into the memes (do not ever lean out of a meme unless it sucks).
  • Worrying that a Chinaman will be portrayed as a white supremacist is dumb and weird.
  • It is very easy to get mass support in America by simply being nice to white people. They like being promised free money that was stolen from Jeff Bezos and they WILL NOT care if you’re a spy for a foreign government if you’re nice to them.
  • However, white people do not take kindly to being told they’re evil or that they should have their penises mutilated immediately after birth.

This could have been interesting, I guess, if he would have continued on with saying that white people were not evil and had been abused by the system. I do wonder how he would have done in these first contests, if he had done that. I think he could have gotten millions of people who are currently Republicans to sign up and register to vote for him in these Democrat events, and that would have made his showing a whole lot better. I think he easily could have beaten Joe Biden’s 8%.

It would have been a nice exercise to demonstrate the political viability of appealing directly to white men, and it might have served to build a role for Yang in the future.