Yair Netanyahu Posts More Pro-Nazi Agitprop

Yair Netanyahu, son of Bibi Netanyahu, is a good egg. He has a history of posting hilarious memes in order to enrage other Jews.

This week, he posted a photo of a demonstration in Tel Aviv where a Jew was wearing a coronavirus mask with a hammer and sickle on it, and wrote: “A photo from … ‘demonstration’ in Tel Aviv. Goosebumps. And fear. The communist symbol of a hammer and sickle with red background on mask. More people were murdered in the name of this symbol than the Nazi swastika.”

Previously, he’d posted a meme about the Jew George Soros controlling the reptilians and trying to destroy nationalism.

Obviously, saying this guy is funny isn’t an endorsement of Bibi Netanyahu, Israel, or Jews in general, but we must admit that the son of the ruler of Israel posting anti-Semitic material and mocking other Jews is a very funny event.

His dad isn’t totally unfamiliar with this practice. A few years ago, Bibi Netanyahu made a public statement defending Adolf Hitler, saying that Hitler never had any intention of doing a Holocaust and he was bullied into it by the Arabs.

The family appears to have some affinity for Hitler, which would make sense, given that Hitler was the one who initially sent so many Jews to live in Palestine.

Jews should be more grateful.