Yahoo Allowing Feds to Search Your Emails

Daily Stormer
October 5, 2016


This man is your friend. He just wants to read all your emails. You got nothing to hide, right?

If you’ve got confidential to say, email is probably the last medium you want to use. You might as well go to the NSA and ask them to transmit the message themselves.

Also, if you’re on Yahoo, you might wanna think about changing to something else.

USA Today:

There are some firsts that don’t give you bragging rights — and in Yahoo’s case, that’s particularly true if the claim involves customer emails.

A Reuters report Tuesday that Yahoo secretly agreed to search all its users’ incoming emails for a specific but unknown word or phrase on behalf of either the National Security Agency or the FBI set off shockwaves in the tech sector, particularly on the heels of Yahoo’s disclosure last month that information had been stolen on 500 million customer accounts.


500 million is a lot to lose of anything.

Yahoo didn’t confirm or deny the report, but also said it didn’t break any law. Big consumer tech companies including Google and Microsoft noted they haven’t done anything like the allegations claimed by the Reuters report, which cited unnamed ex-Yahoo employees.

“I-it’s not illegal!”

What a cop-out. As if we care if the company giving away our confidential information to the federal government was doing so “legally” or not.

If the charges are true, it would be the first case of a U.S.-based Internet company searching all incoming messages rather than scanning stored messages or focusing on a small number of accounts. It would raise serious questions about Yahoo’s management led by Marissa Mayer, already heavily criticized for a failure to jumpstart Yahoo’s user base and revenue, and could threaten Yahoo’s pending sale to Verizon.

These two scandals, in quick succession, are probably going to be huge blows to Yahoo. It seems like basically anyone can get your data from Yahoo these days.

And I’m not the only one saying this…




They’re screwed.

The way things are going, you’re probably better off getting an email from a Russian provider like Yandex. Sure, they’ll probably spy on your emails too, but you can bet they won’t share the information with our western governments.

Or, even better, just assume you always have a FBI agent looking over your shoulder while writing emails.

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