Wyoming: Jew University Head Robert Sternberg Resigns After Three Months, Having Pissed-Off Everyone There

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2013

"My shekels, goyim." -Robert Sternberg
“My shekels, goyim.” -Robert Sternberg

This is a funny story, which serves to illustrate the way Jews do whatever they want, failing constantly, and still get rich.

A liberal Jew, Robert Sternberg, became the President of the University of Wyoming, proceeded to enrage everyone there, and quit.

From Tulsa World:

A former Oklahoma State University provost and vice president who left that post this year to become the University of Wyoming’s president has resigned from his new job.

Robert “Bob” Sternberg said he didn’t feel he had the full support of the Board of Trustees and decided to resign after having a discussion Wednesday evening with board President Dave Bostrom.

Word of Sternberg’s resignation Thursday evening followed a nearly all-day, closed-door meeting of the trustees.

Sternberg has been under fire in recent days over his management of the state’s only four-year university. Five administrators and three deans have decided to leave their jobs since he became president on July 1.

His resignation is effective Dec. 31 and comes just more than four months after he took the job.

He made off with a decent stash of shekels as well.

From the UW statement about his resignation:

Sternberg became UW’s president on July 1 under a three-year contract with an annual base salary of $425,000. His resignation is effective Dec. 31. Under the terms of his departure, he will be paid $325,000 for the following year.

That’s a whole lot of cash for causing such anger in three months that you have to flee the scene.  But Jews are very good at getting paid for things anyone else would get their ass kicked for.

Politically Correct Quack, Academic Failure

The Jew Sternberg is a failed scholar, having devoted his life to the most extreme forms of politicized pseudoscience.  Working in the field of psychometrics, he has focused his studies on trying to justify the politically correct worldview that all races are equal, and that IQ differences don’t matter, because non-White/non-East Asians are smart in ways that we thus far have no ability to measure.

Earlier this year, he degraded and insulted an intelligence researcher, Earl B. Hunt, in such a ridiculous fashion that a group of fellow psychologists published an open letter of protest, viewing Sternberg’s paper as a direct attack on fundamental scientific ethics.

The article, “Intelligence of Nations – Smart but not Wise, a Comment on Hunt,” attacked Hunt for documenting the higher IQs of White and East Asian nations, and said that these nations are actually evil somehow, and that other alleged forms of intelligence, those he asserts are possessed by people with low IQs, lead to better societies. He claimed, not all too vaguely, that Hunt was using his personal racist bias to attack the superior low IQ nations of the world.

The open letter of protest reads, in part:

Sternberg reminds us that measured intelligence can be used in many ways, some of which many would not consider ‘good’. This is important, but does not detract from the validity of the generalizations in Hunt’s article. For example, although some countries with high-ability populations may have repressive dictatorships (as Sternberg implies), the citizens of higher-ability nations generally experience greater freedom and democracy. Similarly, although some countries with high-ability populations may use intelligence for destructive purposes (as Sternberg implies), high-ability nations generally have less crime, better health, and greater educational opportunities.

We strongly support vigorous debate based on arguments and welcome different perspectives in commentaries, which can lead to progress and understanding in science. Unfortunately, by misattributing claims to Hunt in a manner disparaging to him personally, Sternberg’s commentary is at odds with rational-argumentative and ethical standards of discussion in science and mires scientific inquiry in calumny.

We hope that future commentaries will avoid innuendo and unsubstantiated allegations.

When you’re a Jew though, you can do and say whatever you want, because your Jew kin will back you up.  Even after you are totally disgraced within the scientific community, you can land a half a million dollar a year job running a University, and then when you fail at that and are forced to resign after 3 and a half months, you can walk away with $325,000 for having done nothing put pissed people off.

It must be great to be chosen by God to rule the world.