WWII Knight’s Cross Holders Hold Secret Meeting In Germany

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 25, 2016

Last month, there was a meeting in Germany featuring three of the country’s last 20 living Knight’s Cross Holders (7,300 received the award during the Second World War).

The Knight’s Cross was dispensed to individuals who showed extreme battlefield ability or unusual bravery. The ability for men of every rank to have been able to win this award was a proud meritocratic feature that embodied the Nationalsocialist system.

Dan Snow, a sort of cucked historian who nevertheless respects military achievement, was invited to the gathering of three winners who sought to commemorate their fallen comrades. Sadly, these brave men who gave their all for their people had to come together in secret. Apparently, in Germany, the antifa subhumans and the illegitimate German occupation regime they serve are eager to attack these 90-something-year-old men.

Dan Snow’s History Hit:

This weekend I had the remarkable opportunity to attend a very unusual event. The Knight’s Cross association of Germany were meeting in secret to carry out an Act of Remembrance. It was attended by a group of very elderly veterans who are among the most highly decorated men in Hitler’s Third Reich.

It was a secret event because it was feared that people may try to disrupt the event as has happened in the past.

Interviews will be featured on Dan Snow’s History Hit podcast and video of them will soon be posted here.

To win a Knights Cross means you have performed conspicuous gallantry on three separate occasions. You basically win an iron cross second class, then first class. Then a knights cross. So unlike systems like the U.K. or US you get a higher medal not for the particular circumstances of the act of valour but for the number of times it was performed.
Around 7300 knights crosses were given out during WW2. Only 20 of those men are still alive. Apparently four of them were in attendance this weekend. Together with a few Iron Cross winners.

The man who invited me is Gunter Halm. He single handedly repelled a British tank attack in North Africa in 1941. For that and other engagements he was awarded the Knights Cross. He was the youngest recipient in the Wehrmacht at the time. It was hung round his neck by Rommel himself.

Among the men I met here was:
Ludwig Bauer a man credited with 46 tank kills He fought in Barbarossa. Moscow. Kursk. Normandy. Falaise Gap. Bulge. Defence of the Reich.

Hugo Broch. Luftwaffe ace with 83 confirmed kills. He told me that the me 109 was the best plane of the war.

Ernst Buntgens, horrifically wounded on the eastern front

Karl Konig. Fought in 21 panzer in North Africa against the British, New Zealanders and Americans.


This last man Ernst Büntgens, is especially tough. He was shot through the eye and lost pieces of his brain to sniper fire. He was given hours to live by the doctor who saw him.

He’s in his 90’s now.

Know that under the boot of the illegitimate German regime, these men must live in the shadows like criminals, while all sorts of refuse do everything from rape random women in the street to erecting giant dildos in the middle of Berlin and calling it “art.”

Their genuine stories of heroism and hardship are suppressed and censored so the German people will never know that their grandfathers were some of the greatest warriors the world has ever seen. Sadly, they will soon be gone and many will not know their stories. All while shameless Jews not only go around lying, but making their lies eternal through ridiculous holograph technology.