WWII: German Veterans Give the Truth

Daily Stormer
November 17, 2013

Here, former German soldiers tell the truth to a brainwashed Dutch woman.

Who would you believe?  The lying Jews, who talk about babies being ripped in half and walking backwards out of gas chambers or these fine old gentleman?

Here is how it went:

Vet #1: We didn’t fight against you, just the Russians.

Vet #2: To be exact, not against the Russians, but against Bolshevism – they were people like you and I – against Stalinist Bolshevism.  We defended our country against it, and more importantly, all of Europe.  If we hadn’t stopped it, it would have reached your country and France, too.

Vet #1: Right up to the channel.  That was their plan.

Vet #2: We also had to fight the Americans, when they landed. In France, Italy and Africa.  In the end, the Russians sometimes outnumbered us 12-to-1.  And we still tried to keep them away from the borders of the Reich.  To defend our people.  The Russians didn’t sign the Geneva Convention.  He didn’t need to respect international conventions of war, and he showed it.  Stirred up by Bolshevist propaganda, he massacred our people.  And also molested them, in particular the women.  We tried to prevent that until the end.  We didn’t succeed.
Vet #1: German soldiers didn’t do that.  Maybe.  But it was strictly forbidden.  Vet #3: I think…Dutch Woman: What do you mean?Vet #1: Rape.  The Russians did that.Dutch Woman: The Germans didn’t do that?Vets #1 and #3: No.Vet #2: It is something you always hear, but the Wehrmacht didn’t do that.Vet #1: You couldn’t.  You’d be shot or sent to a punishment battalion.

Dutch Woman: Yet bad things happened between the Wehrmacht and the population.

Vet #3: In the Netherlands?  Where?

Dutch Woman: In Putten.  The village I’m from.  The Wehrmacht surrounded it and deported the men to labor camps in Germany.  More than 600 men were deported and only 49 returned.

Vet #2: Is there evidence of that?

Dutch Woman: Yes, they never came back.  My great-uncles died as well.

Vet #2: The Wehrmacht did that?  I don’t believe that.  The Wehrmacht had nothing to do with labor allocation.  Maybe it was the police.

Dutch Woman: A German car had been ambushed near the village, but it wasn’t clear…

Vet #2: So that’s why.  There was always a cause for such a fierce reaction.

Dutch Woman: But it was a violation of the conventions of war.

Vet #2: But if those who had ambushed that car had been partisans, noncombatants, then they’d violated the conventions of war as well. Were they soldiers?

Dutch Woman: No, resistance fighters.

Vet #2: There you go.  Partisans.  That was the cause.  It was a reaction to the car being attacked by partisans.

Dutch Woman: But the first crime was the invasion of the Netherlands.  We didn’t start it.

Vet #2: That’s right, we marched in.  We marched in without asking permission.  The Wehrmacht should have asked if we could march into the Netherlands.

Dutch Woman: Or declared war.

Vet #1: No one would have given permission.  War has it’s own laws.